George Will Slams Donald Trump, Bloviating Ignoramus Responds With Epic Comeback on Twitter

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Conservative columnist George Will slammed Donald Trump as a moronic blowhard this weekend, prompting a blistering, unintentionally hilarious response from the Celebrity Apprentice star, who has been campaigning with Mitt Romney.

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    4. This economy wasn't created by Obama. This economy was created by years and years of financial mismanagement by our government. If you're the captain of a boat and the boat is rotting away because no one has been taking care of it & the rats have been chewing at it for 30 years, the boat is going to sink.
    5. Trump is a tool, but I already said that. Romney's just a robot. I think the Koch brothers operate him from their secret lair....never trust a robot...


    Every time a Mormon knocks on my door he asks: May I speak with the MAN of the house?
    The boy doesn't even look at me. What am I? A fly on the wall?
    Then let the flies vote for Mitt!


    @ Carl- Then you were a weak one all along. Take your ass over to Holden and the Black Panthers. We will see what people are made of- that's for sure.


    I am a Republican who was planning to vote for Romney. But after hearing Trump repeating so many blatant lies, I am now switching my vote to Obama.


    George Will was absolutely right about Donald Trump. I consider myself right of center, politically. But Trump is such a nakedly transparent egotist, I am sure that he would have said something wonderful about George Will if George had said something positive about Trump. He is only being negative about Mr. Will because Mr. Will said something negative about him. Trump promotes himself at the expense of the Republican party. What's worse, he couldn't care less.


    @Sharon To me $ Million--is a considerable bit of support. Maher proudly donated that to Obama.


    Obama has had a war on women for a long time. 6 Female Govenors at present and 4 are Republican. I find it hard to understand why any woman thinks the Deocratic party is in her best interest. The successful business women I know- majority Republican. Look at Fox News- Full of women.


    @Daina: Totally agreed.

    Although thats a false equivalency. Mayer is not a major fundraiser for that campaign like Trump is for Romeny. Mayer is more like Rush Limbaugh & that other nutcase on Fox. Big stupid woman-hating douches with mics & a camera.


    @Sharon And Obama needs to carefully select his donors as well cutting out the Maher.


    Used to like Trump becoz I watched apprentice. Then one day i heard an interview where he talks about his beauty pageants. I was so demeaned and disgusted. I couldnt believe someone can be so backward in their thinking. Romeny needs to google this guy before taking his $.

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