Amber Portwood: Jailed For Lying About Drug Test!

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Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is back in an Indiana jail after local prosecutors claimed she lied about a medical condition to avoid a drug test.

As part of her probation, Portwood is required to undergo a weekly test and drug court appointment. She was apparently a no-show at last week.

Amber told officials that she was on doctor-ordered bed rest following laparoscopic gall bladder surgery and required to remains so for 2-3 weeks.

A good excuse ... if only it were legitimate.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood

Amazingly, Amber Portwood's case manager didn't want to take the reality star's word for it. After he spoke to the doctor directly, he learned she lied.

The doctor insisted she WAS well enough to attend her court obligations, and Amber was immediately hauled back to jail for missing the appointment.

Because of the obvious violation of her probation, she's expected to stay behind bars for at least a few weeks until a judge decides the next step.

This isn't her first drug test no-show ... or legal issue stemming from her own lies. She also underreported her income to score government-subsidized housing.

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I think amber needs help like parenting classes she needs to stop what she's doing nd get her life together for the sake of Leah but thanks that Gary has her he's a good responsible dad but her she very not so good ..


court needs to sterilize her asap. people like her have no business breeding.


I understand she has problems. I understand she needs help. I even understand that she wil not get the help til she hits rock bottom. I personally think losing your child would be rock bottom, BUT I am not her. I think MTV, and all `news` concerning her needs to cease that way she can focus on getting what she needs. I have 3 girls (12, 9, &8) and Teen Mom is EXACTLY the reason we do not have cable.


I don't think I like the idea of a nurse calling someone a retard. It is obvious this young woman needs proper care. She has always been a blamer and has never seen her own problems. What kind of society do people live in where a young mother is in and out of prison without any help or assistance from the authorities for her illness. She is unwell - haven't they taken that into consideration. If she doesn't get help soon, the rest of her life (and let's not forget her daughter's life) will be mapped out for her and it doesn't look good.


tsk tsk tsk sum of us has a good opportunity in lyf wre we ave a nice family,close friends but nop we dnt accept,we through dem away .an advce 4u gal get a nice attitude tnk abt ur daugther,u wouldnt want har to grow up without seein u ok ask god to guide u ok


Some people NEVER LEARN right AmBeR have fun in jail AgAiN


@himshannan, good call there. And btw, brilliant Mari LPN, HIPAA does not actually STATE medical information can always be used in legal procedings.. It is based on the information having more probative value than the patient's privacy. Because the medical information the officer obtained was a narrow scope, only to confirm or denounce Portwood's claims, there was no HIPAA violation. If more information was obtained, that'd be a privacy violation. So take it down a notch with the name calling. You're eroneous as well. I think Amber has a dual diagnosis, and it is going to make it much more difficult for her to stay in revocery. She needs multidisiplinary treatment.


I feel bad for Leah. At least Gary is a good dad to her.


I don't get how this girl became a spreading her legs and having a baby out of wedlock!?! Is that all it takes in this world? She's not pretty, she's not talented, she's not a good mother, she's not a good partner, she's abusive, she lies, she cheats and she's stolen, and she's been caught with drugs in her system repeatedly. Who watches that crap!?! Seriously folks, get a REAL life and stop watching train wrecks like this ugly no-count chick.


and Mari , being a nurse you should know better than to call someone a retard.

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