Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor: Uncanny!

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Lindsay Lohan has just signed on to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie, much to the chagrin of Rosie O'Donnell. The actress is thrilled about the opportunity.

In fact, she's felt a kinship with the late Hollywood legend before.

In 2006, at age 19, Lindsay posed as Taylor, who passed away in 2011, for Interview magazine in photos taken by Karl Lagerfeld – including a cover shot.

Take a look at the striking resemblance below ...

Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor

The shots are powerful, with Lohan managing to capture much of Taylor's vulnerability and beauty, traits that helped win her the role in the Lifetime film.

Of course, this was before Lindsay Lohan's plastic surgery and/or hard-partying ways altered her appearance drastically. But that's neither here nor there.

It has not been revealed who will star opposite Lohan as Richard Burton in Liz & Dick, but the 25-year-old actress is heavily insured and raring to go.


I think she'll be great, but she is a dead ringer for Stockard Channing I think. She should be in a revival of Grease.


I think Lindsay is an excellent choice to play Elizabeth Taylor. Lindsay looks like Liz and is a brilliant actress, like Liz was. We have to learn to separate art from life when judging who should or shouldn't be given an opportunity to play a particular role. Interestingly, both Lindsay and Liz have led very exciting and tumltuous private lives. In terms of who should play Richard Burton, I think Leo DiCaprio bears a fairly strong resemblance to a young Richard Burton. I think Daniel Craig would be an excellent choice, as well, and, perhaps, would be the better choice. However, it's a Lifetime movie, so I doubt that network will choose a big name actor to play Burton, and I say that as a big fan of the Lifetime movie network, which produces some of the best movies I've ever seen.


She is going to be amazing as Elizabeth Taylor.




Actually LL is a good actress despite her many problems


just saw the photo of LL at D.C gala in black backless dress. What has she done to her looks.... bigger lips, face altered... what. She does not look right.


Not even close....I WON'T be watching it, and I hope it gets low ratings. Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves for using Lindsy Lowlife for the role of Elizabeth. shame on them!!!


UNCANNY MY ASS!!!!! I COMPLETELY agree with Amelia...that stanky freak-show Lindsay looks NOTHING like Liz!!!!! Lifetime has really FUCKED UP this time!!!!! I hope that Liz herself is very angrily rolling and spinning over in her grave over this goddamn nonsense!!!!! Hey, here's an idea (or 2) terms of natural beauty, elegance and grace, I think that actress Anne Hathaway would make a wonderful Liz Taylor on-screen. terms of likability, leading man good looks and charisma, I think that actor Jake Gyllenhaal would make a wonderful Richard Burton on-screen. Or maybe Charlize Theron and George Clooney? for loony Lindsay playing beloved Liz on-screen...NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Most of all, if Lindsay does play Liz on-screen, I wonder how many problems Lindsay will cause during filming? Remember...Lindsay caused all kinds of problems a few years ago during the filming of the movie Georgia Rule. I rest my case. PEACE!!!!!


WTH? Come on! Who are you trying to kid? She looks NOTHING like Liz. Because someone popped a wig on her she looks like Taylor? By your logic, anyone with a black wig in that style would look uncannily like Taylor. Their facial features aren't even close, not by a long shot.


Looks like all LizLo needs is a bag to go Trick-or-Treating with.


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