Happy Anniversary, Prince William & Kate Middleton!

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The world's most famous newlyweds are no longer newlyweds.

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since Prince William and Kate Middleton became Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at London's Westminster Abbey.

The royal wedding was a spectacle unlike any other, and not simply because William is royalty: It's a celebrity news story that isn't the slightest bit negative!

Nary a harsh word is ever said about the couple, who the whole world is rooting for to succeed (while speculating over Kate's future pregnancy) 24/7/365.

A year after they declared their love for each other in front of an estimated two billion (!) viewers, they're keeping their first wedding anniversary private.

The Duke and Duchess were to spend part of the weekend with friends in London, then return to their home in Anglesey, on the Welsh coast, by Sunday.

So here's to William and Kate! Click to enlarge some of our favorite photos of the royal no-longer-newlyweds on this, their one-year wedding anniversary:

Royal Wedding Kiss
Will and Kate
Official Royal Wedding Portrait
Kate Middleton in Alice Temperley
The Royal Wedding Couple
Will n' Kate
Kate and William at the Wedding
Kate, William
William and Kate Marry
Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William Photo
Prince William and Kate Middleton Picture
Kate Middleton, Figure
Will, Kate
Prince William, Duchess Catherine
Dragon Boaters
Kate Middleton Engagement Dress

I would like to say happy anniversary to william and catherine on their wedding anniversary they are a lovely couple and the wedding day was wonderfull william look hansom in his uniform and kate look like a princess in her wedding dress it was such a lovely day and for one second you forgot what britain was like in the recessiit gave us hope that britain would get oon the straigt and narrow again.

Ms billie

Princess Kate is a beautiful lady and Prince William is a handsome guy. My wishes of nothing but the best of everything and a very long happy marriage.

Wv peach

Ellen, that being said, she should be called Princess Katherine.....not "Kate".


I still think she should have worn her hair up for the wedding. It looks kind of straggly down. She's a beautiful girl nonetheless, and I wish them both much joy.


My little brother was born last year on this day too My little prince :D Happy bday bro And Happy Annoversary Will and Kate :D hopefully there will be many to come


When are you going to drop MIDDLETON and refer to her as PRINCESS KATE,a title recently conferred upon her?

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