Father Records Teacher, Aide Bullying Autistic Son

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Feeling that New Jersey's tough anti-bullying laws weren't tough enough, one father took matters into his own hands, secretly recording a teacher and an aide mocking his autistic child and garnering national attention as a result.

Stuart Chaifetz said his 10-year-old son, Akian, had always been a "sweet and nonviolent child," and so it was puzzling when he began coming home with notes from Horace Mann Elementary School claiming he was having violent outbursts.

In some cases, Akian was accused of hitting his teacher and an aide. When meetings with school administrators didn't produce answers, Chaifetz was at a loss.

"I felt I was beginning to lose my son, that these outbursts were changing his very nature," he says. "I knew I had to find out what was happening in his class."

Chaifetz's method of getting to the bottom of things including wiring his son for sound one February morning. Akian returned with more than six hours of audio.

Six hours that Stuart Chaifetz said "changed his life forever."

Chaifetz detailed his findings on a web page, "No More Teachers/Bullies," and in a YouTube video titled: "Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by His Teacher and Aide" (above). The results are certainly eyebrow-raising.

In clips of the audio, a classroom aide and teacher whom Chaifetz identifies as "Jodi" and "Kelly" can be heard discussing alcohol use, spousal issues and other personal topics, as well as mocking Akian and responding rudely to his questions.

Chaifetz in listening to the audio, the reasoning behind his son's outbursts became clear to him, and he then moved to take the case public.

Thanks to social media, the case has quickly gone viral.

In a note atop the hundreds of comments he's received, Chaifetz states that he's disabled the auto-post feature due to a large amount of "inappropriate posts," and that he's finding it hard to keep up with comments pouring in.

Chaifetz has also noted a groundswell of support on Facebook.

As a result of Chaifetz's impromptu sting, the aide was fired but the teacher was apparently reassigned to another school. On his web page, Chaifetz expresses the opinion that such teachers should be fired, "no second chances, no excuses."

He has collected more than 20,000 signatures on a petition seeking legislation that would result in immediate dismissal of teachers who engage in bullying.


I'm not surprised - worked as a substitute teacher in some special needs situations - saw the same thing in one class - it was so bad it started to rub off onto me after a while - sick......you think your kids are safe in special needs classes? I've seen everything from the ridicule to doing nothing when a child needs assistance - There are a lot of special needs teacher / Aide bullies- and then some. This is nothing new. So sorry for what this child had to go through


Every person who has a complaint with there school, should file a complaint with the attorney generals office for your state. Enough complaints should generate an investigation. Also, go to your school board and meetings. keep this information out there. do not allow the school to bury your complaints.


As far as I'm concerned, Stuart Chaifetz is a HERO!!!!! And, any teacher and/or teacher's aide who calls an autistic student a bastard (or even worser names) should not be allowed to teach. AT ALL!!!!! Most of all, I agree with Donna...that teacher will probably bully another student (or worse). The Bottom Line for me...the way and/or ways that most schools handle serious situations these days is such a COP-OUT!!!!! In short...UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!


The teacher was transferred to another school? How is that going to stop her from doing that to another child? People who act like that should not work around children or in the public atmosphere!


This is disgusting! the pair of them should be sent to clean public toilets or scoop up road kill for the rest of their working lives!!


I am stunned to learn that your son was so abused by the adults who should have been nurturing and protecting him. I find it beyond belief that any school system would condone such behavior. Is there any reason you can not file criminal charges against the women in that classroom? Isn't there a law that states any employee in a school who witnesses such abuse and fails to report it to the authorities is subject to prosecution for failing to report the abuse? I am so thankful that you recognized something was wrong and stepped in to protect your son. He will know that his father loves him fiercely, will protect him and provide for him and never allow these women to ever have contact with him again. I pray for wisdom for yourself and tender mercy for your sweet son.


Anyone who would mistreat an autistic child is sick and needs put out of their misery. I hope these freaks are never allowed to work around children again.


This is quite sad. I went on you tube and saw a 15 year old autistic boy from NJ being bullied. The child taped it with his cell phone. What is the world coming to?


At the risk of Akian being bullied,verbally abused, insulted and laughed at,his father is getting the last word. The message that Mr.
Chaifetz has been able to release on the behalf of his son has lifted a voice for others who may have continued to be in a similar state of child Neglect and bullying. It is an absolute disgrace that Akian had to endure such cruel treatment,by adults who were grown up mean girls. Mr. Chaifetz is to be commented for knowing his child, and realizing that there had to be something wrong at his son's school. Who knows how things could have turned out if Mr. Chaifetz had Not followed his instincts to protect his son. He sat a fine example and has alerted a wake up call to other parents who's children may be experiencing mean spirited adults at school!!


Hi, my name is stacey and let me say i am so sorry for what these disgusting bitches did to you`r lil boy no child deserves that but i am so glad you took action and by knowing your son you knew that there was more then just outbursts so i congratulate you for being a fantastic father.i also have a 4 year old son that has Autism and he goes to special education classes and 5 months ago his behavior has also changed we have a new baby and we think it might be because he was use to being the only child in the house but now i am starting to wonder so thank you for the education that you have given me about what can really happen and us not knowing because he cant tell us ether so again i am so sorry and i wish you all the best,Thank You.

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