Was Peter Facinelli Cheating on Jennie Garth?

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Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli shocked the world by announcing that they are splitting up after more than 10 years of marriage and nearly 15 as a couple.

The parents of three daughters said that “While we have decided to end our marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children."

What triggered the surprising breakup? According to Radar Online (we know), Facinelli embarked on a “torrid affair” with an unnamed Canadian woman.

Jennie Garth, Peter Facinelli

“Peter had been seeing another woman for quite some time,” a source told the website Scallywag & Vagabond who was first to report the couple’s split.

“They tried to make it work for the sake of their three children, and Jennie dutifully played housewife for as long as she could but finally had enough.”

The woman is reportedly in her late 20s and they met in Vancouver during the filming of the final installment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Garth wasn’t blindsided by the affair, according to the report.

“Jennie knew. As a lot of couples do, they simply grew apart,” the source said, but had no comment on whether Peter and the woman are still together.

Last summer, Facinelli and Garth separated briefly, with her staying in their home and him renting a home in Santa Ynez while they worked on things.

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Get over yourselves ! He's not even that good looking . He's an asshole


he isnt cheating he is a good person every boby should shut up every body who bielieves this is a fing retard i love u peter


It is so sad that America has devolved to such a point that this sort of information which is part of the culture of distraction is actually considered news. Nevertheless, gossip, innuendo and scandal only make people in this industry more relevant. The only worse than a scandal is nobody speaking about them at all. Folks like these should thank gossip bloggers rather than threaten them with lawsuits.


Very sad that people ruin someones reputation by LIES
Yes they are getting divorced...big deal
Why make up all these stories to make it juicy?????
Its a divorce....he didn't cheat....if he did we would have heard about it sooner
Hes not GAY...and he didn't fool around with his cast....unbelievable people.. Just another day in the life......two people falling out of love.....get over yourselves....


i think he was but with his costar on twilight. when they were on the george lopez show, they were touchy feelly. kept hugging each other n stuff


Unfortunately this is a big lie to generate news. Peter is an amazing person father and was an amazing husband....guess you will have to look elsewhere for answers on this one


Yah, I saw him on Ellen with the Twilight cast and he seemed kinda rude. Didn't like him at all! (Ellen gave them all shirts and he tossed his on the table when he was handed one). Not very gracious!

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