Tyler Clementi Case: Dharun Ravi Admits Immaturity and Stupidity, Denies Hatred

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Dharun Ravi blames immaturity - not criminal-level hate - for his actions leading up to the tragic suicide of his former Rutgers roommate, Tyler Clementi.

"I was 18 ... I did do things wrong and I was stupid about a lot of stuff," he tells ABC News of his 2010 actions. "I was a dumb kid not thinking about it."

Ravi, who many feel indirectly drove Clementi to throw himself off the George Washington bridge, was found guilty of invasion of privacy and hate crimes.

He insists he is not homophobic, however.

Ravi and Clementi

"I didn't act out of hate and I wasn't uncomfortable with Tyler being gay," Ravi claims in a separate interview with New Jersey's The Star-Ledger newspaper.

"I won't ever … tell the world that I hated Tyler because he was gay, or tell the world that I was trying to hurt or intimidate him because it's not true."

In death, Clementi has become a cause celebre of sorts, stirring passions, controversy and heated debate over bullying, particularly of gay youth.

Dharun Ravi says he realized his roommate, also 18 at the time, "had bigger problems" that may have contributed to his decision to take his own life.

"Before I went to school I thought my roommate would be my best friend and we would hang out all the time," he tells
The Star-Ledger. "But Tyler wasn't like that."

"He was very quiet and every conversation we had just hit a dead end."

Whatever his intentions, Ravi, who allegedly used a camera to spy on Clementi kissing a man in their dorm room, then publicized that fact online, may face prison time.

On Friday, Tyler Clementi's family released a statement commenting on the jury's findings against Ravi. Tyler's father, Joseph Clementi, said:

"Our family believes the jury reached a correct verdict. They reached their decision based on the facts shown by the evidence. At the conclusion of [Ravi's] trial, the defense's explanation of what happened was simply not believable."

Jane Clementi, Tyler's mother, said:

"We have become all too aware of the consequences suffered by people who are singled out for being different. We've learned that LGBT teens, especially, suffer pain, embarrassment and ridicule which is made worse by improper use of electronic media."


Can we start a petition to have the judge impose the full 10 years- this guy deserves it.


I support the verdict, gives me pleasure. It is obvious, Clementi was an introvert shy guy and dharun acted as a typical bully gooonda and had fun at his expense. Back home in India we too have this sick ragging culture. Being a localite I never faced it but my hostelite friends did, I have come across scum like dharun here. Posting someone’s private moments on the internet and making fun of it is disgusting at the least. Ironically dharun will become someone’s ‘bitch’ in prison where he will be used around and enjoyed by stronger males, by the time he will come out he will be a broken man, gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Karma at it’s best. Rest in Peace Tyler. Rest in Peace.




I thought this was the case with the internet tweet thing. I don't think it was a hate crime at all, poor judgment definitely.


Victoria47 you are right about the mothers reaction but not sure about the church issue. "Whatever feelings were controlling (Clementi)’s behavior appear to have had their roots far from Busch Campus, and far from (Ravi)," Ravi’s attorney wrote in documents filed in New Jersey Superior Court on Wednesday. His lawyers repeated a request for documents they say prosecutors have not turned over, including files Clementi created on his computer before he left for college labeled "Why does it have to be so painful" and "Sorry".
Within a day of creating the "Sorry" document, Clementi used his Cellphone to take three photographs of the George Washington Bridge in July 2010, a month before the beginning of the semester. Clementi returned to the bridge over the Hudson River two months later and jumped to his death.


If Ravi's posts really bothered Tyler Clementi, he would not have brought MB repeatedly - 3 times, in one week to have sex in his room. He could have been doing this to out himself to the larger society. He had come out to his family, & the gay community with his account on gay dating sites. Alternately he could have said to himself “I don't give a F*** what this imbecile room mate Ravi has to say in this matter I am going to stick it in his face�. Let us remember this was a shy kid coming out slowly but surely & turning into a strong man while MB was still in the closet. Clementi could have been showing the strength in these matters & may have been leading MB out.


And here is Tyler Clementi's account of the incidence that Gawker says was on a blog JUSTUSBOYS with the handle “cit2mo� posted a thread “college roommate spying…..� on September 21 at 7:22 a.m.
“so the other night i had a guy over. I had talked to my roommate that afternoon and he had said it would be fine w/him. I checked his twitter today. he tweeted that I was using the room (which is obnoxious enough), AND that he went into somebody else’s room and remotely turned on his webcam and saw me making out with a guy. given the angle of the webcam I can be confident that that was all he could have seen.�
Is observing kissing same as observing sexual encounter?


A Juror in the Dharun Ravi case is interviewed by ABC NEWS-NY the morning after the verdicts were rendered. When asked by the correspondent if he thought Dharun was guilty of bias intimidation, he shakes his head and says no, with no hesitation. Yet this same juror, when polled by the judge, said he voted guilty. Either he has no clue what he was determining guilt for, he lied or was intimidated by other jurors, but his opinion is clearly that there was no bias involved against gays in Dharun's actions.


The judge in case himself says the law is muddled yet the jury seems to have found him guilty. John Farmer Jr. the dean of Rutgers School of Law-Newark provides his analysis below. Was justice achieved in the Ravi guilty verdicts?
That is, perhaps, the most insidious aspect of the viral prosecution: it is almost impossible to tell. Jurors were instructed to disregard whatever they may have read or heard about the circumstances leading to the case, the suicide,the fact that the defendant did not testify and disregard Tyler's suicide. Post-conviction interviews of the jurors showed that they were bothered by the suicide, that they were troubled by the defendant’s failure to testify and that the bias crime charge was confusing.
At some point, aren’t we asking too much of our juries in viral prosecutions? The quality of justice most lacked fairness. Sign the petition to President Obama at http://www.wh.gov/NM1


Wonder why he does not address all the lying he did, the deleting of 89 texts, the witness tampering, the claim that he turned off his computer when he was at ultimate freesbi- wow what we have is a psychopath or sociopath who is still seeking to have anybody believe him. I hope the prosectors are watching- and take this into account. If her were telling the truth- he would have testified and cleared his name- that he did not go under oath tells the real story.