Skylar Laine Brings "Gunpowder and Lead" to American Idol

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When is predictability a good thing? When it comes from Skylar Laine.

Faced with the challenge of selecting songs from their personal idols on American Idol this week, it wasn't hard to forecast that Laine would choose a track from Miranda Lambert. She's likely the contemporary artist with whom most viewers would compare Laine.

And Skylar did not disappoint on "Gunpowder and Lead," bringing her rocking country girl persona to the appropriate levels. She doesn't possess the same kind of voice as someone like Jessica Sanchez, but Laine owns the stage every time she steps on it, don't you agree?

Enjoy her latest now:


To be honest, this performance made me wanna puke. With her stupid, fake "bad girl" attitude, it was way too much. Get over yourself, girl.


If i see this chic bounce up and down one more time, i swear i'm gonna puke.....She is sooooooooooo hyper, and needs to take a chill pill...ENOUGH ALREADY>>>>>>What the hell is she on????? ugh..........


Not good... Not good at all but slightly better the marble mouthed Heejun.

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