Rihanna: Naked Pics Are a Confidence Booster

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You'd think she'd need high levels of self confidence to bare all like she does, but to Rihanna, the act of getting naked is what gives her that boost in the first place.

"The more I got naked, the more comfortable I felt," she tells Britain's Women's Fitness magazine. "I just had to face my fear. You always find something wrong."

"You can always find something that you’re uncomfortable with ... one thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it."

Rihanna Women's Fitness Cover
Rihanna Topless Twit Pic

Following some early-on insecurity, the pop star explains:

"After a while, it was like, 'What’s the worst that can happen?' I just started being a little more daring with it. It was all about just knowing my body."

"It is what it is under clothes or outside of clothes."

Although shedding her attire on a regular basis has had a beneficial outcome for her image, Rihanna admits, "My way probably won't work for most people."

Probably a good point. As long as the preponderance of Rihanna nude photo spreads and Twitpics continues, her way certainly works for fans.


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If you've got it, flaunt it!!


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Come on people, give Rihanna a break! She is still young and going to make bad choices in her life. We all know that Rihanna is a lost soul and just want to be love by people that wouldn't hurt her. I'm still trying to figure out, where is the damn mother in all this mess?


Lisa: I couldn't have said it better!


Please make her go away already!!! She is everything a woman should NOT be, desperate, attention seeking, abuse loving, non-talented, over-sexed, wannabe. I use her as an example of what not to be, when speaking to my daughter. She needs thearpy not a spotlight.


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