Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown Team Up on "Right By My Side": First Listen!

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Whether he's hijacking phones, posing for pics taken by Karrueche Tran, teaming up with Rihanna or collaborating with Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown is everywhere.

A new track from Minaj's highly-anticipated album, Pink Friday: Roman Uploaded, has leaked, featuring Brown on backing vocals. It's called "Right By My Side."

Minaj sings in the chorus, "I'm not living life / If you're not right by my side."

She also raps over the bridge in typical fashion, "Man the sh!t that we be fighting over irrelevant/But I don't remember though, I probably hella bent."

The track drops following the "Starships" singer's release of her 19-track album listing featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Brown.

“Right By My Side” is Nicki's third single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, following “Starships” and "Stupid Hoe." What do you think of the effort?


Chrs b nd Rihanna thy r good 4 each othr nd 2gthr thy rck i luv thm


Really Rihanna an Chris are good for each other they are two of the hottest artist in music an if I was them I would tell haters to stay out there business every one in the world loves these two so leave them alone they most defiantly not tryna hear what no one says who the fuck are you to tell someone what to do about there relationship get off Chris an Rihanna let them live an be happy


Wonderful song..fuck haterzz!


nice collab...y'all should focus on his talent not his personal is wrong wit y'all calln someone a woman beater!! Lyk u clown's are pope's & cardinal'**t! Really sic* of people bringing this old wounds up.dope song..!!peace!!


y do y'all muufackerz have to hate on breezy?th guy is talented,hawt,ladies love hm n th fact tht he messd up sm years ago doesnt gv u room to hate on him....mind u he was just a fuck y'all who'v been hatin consistently...every talentd singr/rappr want brown in their tracks cz he's doing well in th industry...i love th track tho


VERY HOT COLLAB, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW who wants 2 work with a WOMAN BEATER??


bebe: Well said!


Seems like the main stream white media has a serious hate on for CB---i.e. 'whether he is highjacking phones' I seriously don't think CB has been charged with 'highjacking' a phone yet, you report like he is did it and has been tried and convicted--WTF has he ever done to any of you? Live the guy alone and let him live his life. What's done is done. Keep your head up CB. I'm TeamBreezy all day long!!!!

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