BET Bans Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" Video

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Wanna watch the official music video for Nicki Minaj's latest track, "Stupid Hoe?" You better scroll down and press Play.

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    Can any of you speak English? Bill Cosby was right. Want respect? Speak intelligently and properly. Not lazily.


    well nicki should be the best singer in the world beause she is good and she know how to lose a man in just one mintue so all of yall just don,t get hurt in her way so i,am just saying that break up with the boy you are with just dont get hurt by the same boy you are with like me i been hurt to minn times.


    I avn't seen anytin bad in d video n dats Nicki 4 u,she does her thing d way she wnts.She loves herself 4 who she is n she doesn't fucking care who lyks it or nt.I luv Onika 4 dat


    Love Nicki Minaj however these lyrics are really degrading actually kinda hurtful ...I mean is she saying all us young girls/women should be treated like dirt ??


    I dont see, why this was ban ... the reason i say this is because the video is not bad... i seen bet videos before and i have to say that this one is rated G compare to what I have seen... what about bet raw! they are showing guys doing oral on girls in those videos .. and they ban hers bc she says hoe to many times. bet is just looking to get more views on there side.


    Kinda dumb. Don't know the background. Does she have some sort or rap arguement with somebody? I'm a man, so of course, I like looking at the booties, etc. But, beyond that, I don't see, or hear much value in it. Being a real musician, valuing a real song with singing and true instument playing, and a Melody that is not just something to go along with the rhythm of the words, I found the song lacking. But, that's what passes a lot for music now. So, the kids will buy it.
    Ghetto-mindset folks(Living in the ghetto does not automatically qualify one to have this mindset) will play this type of stuff with their kids. I hear it all the time here, in the ghetto, where there ARE lots of intelligent, good parents.
    Play the video in an adult time slot. Free speech is a right! Parents, Parent! Let your kids know what a Ho, bitch etcetera really is, and who deserves to be called such. It's not most women.


    Well, Nikki was behaving like a stupid hoe. Good for BET for setting some standards!


    I've nt seen d video but 4rm people's comments i no its real baaaaddd.


    I've nt seen d video but 4rm people's comments i no its real baaaaddd. I'll check d video out.


    Am realllllyyyyy disappointed in this video,i actualy thot Nicki minaj is different 4rm the others but it luks lik they r o just the same

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