Lamar Odom Dropped to D League, Unready for NBA Return

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Lamar Odom is not ready to play in the NBA again. Not yet at least.

The reality star, who left the Dallas Mavericks over a week ago to be with his ailing father, has been temporarily relegated to for his team's D-league affiliate, the Texas Legends, for one game in order to "get his legs back under him," a source tells ESPN.

Lamar Odom on the Bench

That contest will take place tomorrow night and then Odom - whose 7.7 points per game this season are half his career average - will likely rejoin the Mavs for a big game against the Thunder on March 5.

Lamar's wife, meanwhile, is facing a problem of her own: Khloe Kardashian and her sisters have been sued for $5 million because they are bit fat liars. Well, big skinny liars. But still.

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Tried for 2 years before doing IVF at the age of 29, dingoasis was unexplained. Second baby tried for over a year (unprotected fun for 2 plus years) and did a frozen embryo transfer (FET) from our first successful IVF attempt and miscarried, did another FET with the last little bit of hope and got pregnant with baby number two. Baby number two barely turned one and we discovered we were pregnant with number three au natural. What a crazy ride! I am being induced on Monday!


Its really sad to read all the haters out there


khloe looks like a dude...she has man hands.I knew bigfoot was real...i knew it!!


I just hope she does not leave him now that he will not be this big time ball player. He's going to need her more than ever now. The true test of the marriage is on it's way. Will she buckle and run or will she stay. Only time will tell I guess.


You know Kobe Bryant is laughing his ass off. The Mavs say good riddance to LO and that Neanderthal wife of his. Send 'em both back to Disney World where they belong!


Lamar's so-called fame qualifier was his marriage to Shrek. Other than that, he's a mediocre b-ball player at best. Dallas has enough divas without these two losers. Bring back real talent and really attractive celebs. These two scare the bejesus outta me!!


i feel sorry for him, and i dont belive in karma, but the way they treated kris hump, you have to wonder. klohe, was just on leo a few days ago talking trash about hump (who is having his best season ever) then you hear this.


Yeah I read this earlier on TMZ. The thing is he still gets his 8.9 million salary from the Mavs for the year. Thats great news for his wifey Chewbacca cause laser hair removal treatments are costing him a millie a year. I can't imagine seeing her or her lame sisters at a Texas Legends game though. I live in Dallas and if you've ever tuned in you would see that their arena in Frisco only holds 6-7000 MAX but they maybe have a turn-out of maybe a couple hundred a game (by the way I'm being generous with that quote it looks like barely 100 attend weekly). No doubt this will raise ticket sales for the Legends. Everyone would Looooove to get a picture with Chewy!

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