Kim Kardashian, Sisters Sued for Alleged Diet Pill BS

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We can now remove the question mark from this headline: Kim Kardashian HAS been sued for her support of QuickTrim.

TMZ has broken the news that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are all on the hook for $5 million, as New York firm Bursor & Fisher is representing consumers who believe the sisters duped them into purchasing this weight loss supplement via advertisments and Tweets, such as the following from Kim in 2009:

"Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight."

Kim and Khloe QuickTrim Ad

The plaintiffs claim the Kardashians provided no evidence for their testimonials and purposely misled fans into believing this product - which is not approved by the FDA - was responsible for their revamped figures.

As we've said before, though: while the siblings deserve to pay for so shameless selling out - remember when Kim was proud of her curves? - do these folks really expect sympathy for basing their spending habits on something supported by Kim Kardashian?


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Kim Kardashian, Sisters Sued for Alleged Diet Pill BS
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I don't know about this. Is he really her type? I guess he is but unelss he wants to actually go down the aisle, she is wasting her time and money. More than a year on any man is enough time to know if he is marriage material. I say move on Kim. If you have to result to stunts (although I realize she has a show) to get him to propose, I just don't know if it is sincere. I see pressure which is never good. One of my friends husband kept playing with her until she told him he was FREE TO GO. She got tired of the games and when he realized she was serious, he came around. They are a happy couple today. Sorry Kim. She is so gorgeous, I am sure she can could find many men who would gladly marry her.


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Should be pills is exactley what they all need (khole is awesome though)...


as if their bodys really look like that pic! the person sueing them is stupid not all diet pills work! some work on certain ppl so this lawsuit is a joke! kourtney & khloe are my favs kim is so fake i cnt stand to even c her on tv LOL


Dare I ask!!
If this case goes to trial, does that mean that The Kardashians will have to put on some "klassy klothes" to make them look like school marms and librarians (No offense to true librarians). Does this mean that Kim K. might show up to "kourt" wearing a ponytail and No makeup and scare the spark out of the paparazzi's "kameras". This is the time when she would Need a reliable source of support like ex husband Kris Humphries standing by her side as her pretend husband. But seriously, there is No such promise as Keeping up with the Kardashians. This is a myth that was kreated for them by Kris Jenner!!


I have always used coupons, but if I thought the generic was cheaper I would just buy that instead of the smaller name brand size or even samples from "Get Official Samples" can help


It is , so noticeable that the majority of comments supporting the Kardashians are written by illiterates. Pretty much says it all.


dis girls are phony.


Is there no limit to the products these young women will sell? After going through so many and counting? The Kardashian tramps will be forced to pitch douche, zit cream, and stool softeners! But, oh well! It's all about the money!

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