Kate Middleton Honors Irish Guards on St. Patrick's Day

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Now that's St. Patrick's Day fashion done right.

Kate Middleton continued run of recent royal festivities with her husband away on military duty in the Falkland Islands as she set out to Aldershot, England, to greet and charm the Irish guards on Saturday, March 17.

Here's one of our favorite Kate Middleton photos from the event:

Kate Middleton in Green

Clad in an emerald coat dress cinched at the waist, the lovely Kate accessorized with a brown cap, matching pumps, and a bloom of shamrocks on to her lapel.

Kate Middleton also donned a clover pin that once belonged to The Queen Mother, Prince William's great-grandmother, who passed away in 2002.

After presenting soldiers with a basket of shamrocks (a tradition dating back to 1901), the 30-year-old got into the spirit with a sip of Harvey's Bristol Creme sherry.

Her outing also included adorning the Regimental mascot Clonmel (a black dog) with a shamrock on his collar. All in a day's work for the Duchess!

[Photo: WENN.com]


Lovely dress and appropriate ensemble. Pretty lady. A little on the thin side, but who's surprised? She has the entire world watching everything she does, everywhere she goes, everything she says - why would THAT affect someone's appetite, I ask you? Hopefully (truly) she will never be able to say that people are accusing her of having "her head in the loo", as did her famous, deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Eat a hamburger, Kate. Enjoy life.


so beautiful pic


To Truth 2.0....
I used to be that thin at her age. I had emotional problems tearing at me. Trust me, she needs to eat. One nasty stomach virus and her organs could shut down. My concern is that the public eye is taking its toll on Kate like it did to Princess Diana. Sad, very sad. Without her clothing on, I'm sure some bones are protruding. Her hair will start looking stringy and her teeth and bones get brittle if she doesn't turn herself around. It's a shame you feel that all women should be this unhealthy. Texas Princess said it best,"male chauvinist pig."


Logan's right! Though pretty, Kate is too thin. Truth you sound like a real male chauvinist pig! Shame on you!


But as for me, how wonderful to be
near GOD, to find protection with the
Sovereign LORD and to proclaim all 
that HE has done! PSALM 73; 28


Truth 2.0 Get a fucking life. Not all girls have to be that weight. You are a fucking douche bag for even thinking that.


I think she looks beautiful~she seems to be at ease at these outings without William. The Royal Family should be very proud of her & I hope that they tell her & show her how proud they are & not do what they have done in the past. Duchess Catherine is a breath of fresh air to this stodgy family & I hope they learn a think or two from her. Even her father-in-law, Prince Charles seems to be less stodgy with her around~she deserves a medal for that alone. Long live Duchess Catherine!


Logan, all women should be that weight. Consider eating less.

Wv peach

Loving her stylish outfit and hat!


Beautiful girl, but please............EAT!

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