Jenna Talackova, Transgender Beauty Pageant Contestant, Disqualified from Miss Universe Canada

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A new beauty pageant scandal has broken out, but this one has nothing to do with naked photos or a contestant's stance on gay marriage.

Jenna Talackova - a 23-year old who was born a man, but who underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19 - has been disqualified from Miss Universe Canada because, according to a statement from the organization, she does not "meet the requirements to compete, despite having stated otherwise on her entry form."

Producers added that they do respect Talackova's "goals, determination and wish her the best."

Jenna Talackova Picture

"I am very disappointed with the decision taken by the Miss Universe ... organizers," Talackova said in a statement released today. "However, I will look to turn this situation into a positive so that other people in a similar situation are not discriminated against in the future."

Denis Davila, the director of the event, says there are rules in place that make it clear one must be born a woman in order to compete. Jenna, he says, indicated on her original registration that she was female, only to later explain her unusual situation.

Reactions to the decision have been mixed with over 20,000 signatures on a petition to reverse the pageant ruling.

What do you think? Should Talackova have been disqualified?


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hello, nothing against her but it is for WOMEN not want to bes. she is beautiful, but she is simply not a girl, is that very hard to understand. it's not about discrimination, those are the RULES. nothing against the gay or lesbian population, but what respect are you giving the STAIGHT comunity. we all know you want respect but frankly you have to give to receive and respect the rules. dispite her apearence she will biogicly always be a guy. its like having a VW with a PORCHE motor, runs like a PORCHE, but looks like a VW, LOOKS LIKE A GIRL, BUT ALWAYS BE A BOY. SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE GIFT OF GOD TO GIVE BIRTH, UNTIL MEDICINE CAN'T DO THAT PART: BOYS WILL BE BOYS AND GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS.


Is there no end to the discrimination??!! I'm tiknalg about the discrimination of women, genetically born women. Now women will have to contend with transgendered men taking over women's beauty pageants. Wake me up when the nightmare is over... I know, let them get their own pageants. ( The problem is, they don't want their own pageants because they want to be accepted as "real" women. They're fooling themselves, because they NEVER WILL BE!)


Why the label of transgender why not use human being. Everone should remember that When the earth smells of dew,and the winds have crossed the moors,and themist holds the land for days, know this and know it well,Ms. Talackova is of this land and no man,nor beast,nor will of god's of old will hold one from what they know they should do or become, all should live there life and hopefully know when it is one's time to pass from our world,your name shall be carved in stone and pray it shall never be forgotten.


Does Jenna have the original equipment to get pregnant? No? Sorry folks, still a dude, disqualification stands on it's merits....


I love ya jenna


Women are created not made "Walter"


anyone notice how much jenna looks like ivanka trump?


Good thing about it. People have free choice and a will to live their personal lives. Bad thing is: it sets a confusing nature and spirit in innocent babies and childrens minds. Knocks their little minds off God course of Man and Woman. Another bad thing, then people mag wanna say. Well if he can do that? Why can't I marry a pitbull? It just messes all order and morality up.


I wonder how many other of the contestants have had cosmetic or surgical alterations. How many are exactly the same as when they were born? No nose jobs, no dental work, no boob jobs or tummy tucks? And that was all done entirely for looks! Let's be fair folks...Jenna is legally a woman, let her compete and be nice about it!