Dancing With the Stars Results: Who's First Out?

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The first elimination on Dancing With the Stars is always a bit of a dubious honor, but at least here in Season 14, it was a fairly open and shut case.

Martina Navratilova has double faulted her way home.

The tennis legend just didn't take to the jive, and she landed at the bottom of the pack for the second week in a row. It was curtains Tuesday.

Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani

"It was an amazing experience," Martina said. "Again, I wish it had lasted longer. I gave it everything I had, but I just blew it yesterday, and it cost me."

Only three points separated her from second-to-last Melissa Gilbert, but that's just too much distance so early. Incidentally, Melissa was safe early on.

Not so lucky, surprisingly, was 20-year-old Roshon Fegan, who finished in second place and still ended up "in jeopardy" with Martina and Gavin DeGraw.

That might be nothing more than the producers' way of shaking things up, but it's also entirely possible that his name hasn't caught on with the masses yet.

Britney Spears can change that fairly quickly if she chooses. Just saying. Anyway, with Martina gone, who will win Dancing With the Stars? Vote below!


the judges get rid of Max as soon as they can, they will never let him win. Derick and mark always get the best partners


I have watched every season of DWTS. I have noticed with each show the contestants who are either Legends, famous, well know celebrities, or nationally know sports people, they are picked as FAVS OF EACH JUDGE along with the audiences. So where does the judging their dancing come in and being only judged by their dancing? FAVS ARE SURE TO WIN! Not always the best 'DANCER'. Also, I agree with other comments about letting those who have danced in their past not be selected. I hope one season I will see a truly deserving contestant WIN. The music, beautiful costumes, elaborate sets and guest stars keep me coming back also and hope for a true "winner".


Melissa Gilbert, not all that....they need to get Kirsten Johnson??on from 3rd Rock from the Sun!


Melissa is being punished because Maks is her partner. I would still rather see the two of them dance than most of the others. I love to watch the judges squirm to find some reason to low=ball a very good performance. We have a new term this season, 'frame'. Have you heard it in past years? The Judges do have their favorites. I hate it when the pros outdance their amatuer partners and then the partner gets a high score. Not fair!


My votes goes 2 Jaleel White and/or William Levy. Keeping a close watch on Roshon. Sherry Sheperd need 2 "chill" out. Soooooo needs 2 Calm down already. VERY immature


To begin with...that GRUMP-ASS judge Len is like Oscar The Grouch on OVERLOAD!!!!! Also, I want either Jaleel or Sherri to win DWTS. Jaleel especially!!!!! Jaleel...GO GET 'EM DAWG!!!!! As for the rest of 'em...don't even get me started!!!!! And, it sucks that Martina was the 1st one to be eliminated. But, as she was being eliminated, did anyone notice that ridiculous outfit that Martina was wearing????? Poor thing...to me, it looked like she got dressed in the dark!!!!! LOL!!!!! Until next time...PEACE!!!!!!!!!


they NEED TO REPLACE THE JUDGES...their ALWAYS kissing mark and derek's asses...always comming down HARDER on maks and his partners, then any of the others....except for maybe tony...i actually turned it off on monday. alisa


William Levy all the way!


Iknow we all age, but i cannot believe how old looking Jack Wagner is....i used to totally love him when he was on General Hospital....he seems nervous every single time he dances....although he seems like a nice guy, there is no way he will win DWTS....


I heard Katherine Jenkins had prior dancing experience before coming on the show....these people really get me mad....people like her should not even be on this show....never ever heard of this chic before, and don't like her.... and why does Gavin Degraw always wear a hat????? Is he bald and ashamed? I find that strange....I like Jaleel White, and i think he has a good shot of winning....he is a talented dancer, and seems like a great guy...I'm rooting for him, and Maria.....I'm from Boston, and i hope she wins, but she's not that great of a dancer....we'll see what happens.... Sheri Sheperd grinds on my last nerve....Always soooo hyper...she acts like a child....can't stand her....she really needs to chill and relax more.... Melissa Gilbert is very boring to watch, and always seems nervous...you can tell just by looking at her face how nervous she gets....


Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente