Colton Dixon Gives It "Everything" on American Idol

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Colton Dixon took a bit of the life out of Lifehouse last night.

The American Idol finalist took to the stage and performed a version of "Everything," trying his best to milk emotion from the ballad (and even shedding a few tears after it was over), but really just coming across as - dare we say it? - boring overall.

There were no major moments and nothing that really stood out from the audition, as evidenced by the judges restrained comments: Steven Tyler just said it was great; J.Lo said it was emotional; and Randy said Colton has "believability."

We grant the guy that. We do believe he exists. We just wish he had gone in a different direction in this case...


I think the only reason people didn't like Colton is because he is a Christian and proudly and openly declares it. I don't know if it's because they've had a bad experience with religion or they don't like it or they just feel a sense of conviction, I don't know. But what I do know is God is going to use Colton in a powerful and and that Jesus is the Lord, they may dieny Him now, but there will be a day when every tongue proclaims Him as God. Jesus does true you love you, no matter who you are or what you've done, if you come before the Father you will be forgiven.


I really like Colton Dixon. I think he is an amazing musician who sings from the heart. I would like to hear him sing something by Kutless, like 'What Faith Can Do", or maybe Michael W. Smith's "Raging Sea".
He is good on the keyboards too. A complete artist.


I think that Colton is one of the best performers in american idol and he might end up in top 2 or even win. I thought his performance was overall excellent and i loved when he got emotional. It shows he has a heart and does not care to show what he is feeling. He connected with the song and i am a total fan of him. To me he is a true musician. Awesome job!


All I can say is wow. You guys should not be writing about music, because you have no idea what you're talking about. Colton is an AMAZING performer/songwriter/musician, and to say that performance was boring just shows me you know nothing about music. He put his whole heart into that performance, and it really shined through, though you were too nieve and practical to see that. Learn to appreciate a good performance and THEN start writing articles on them.


When Colton sings, I change the channel....borrrrring.


@m.p. - My deepest apologies. I was not aware there could be "bad reporting" when it came to a subjective topic such as music. There goes my Pulitzer!


Your a moron if you think that was boring! The performance was brilliant ant you obviously know absolutely nothing about music! I predict top 2 if not the american idol!


I thought his performance was quite boring as well....wasn't sure what the judges were watching.


It was truly one of the most boring performances of the evening. Others have raised the bar for Colton.


I agree with M.P. You and I didn't watch the same American Idol...The judges loved it and so did everyone else...We will see when the votes come in...If this is your day job, I suggest you get another one, because you sure are off your rocker!!

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