Antwaun Cook: Losing Interest in Fantasia, Putting it to Ex-Wife Paula on the Side?

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Fantasia Barrino just had a baby with shady boyfriend Antwaun Cook, but he's already running around, according to reports ... with his estranged wife.

According to insiders, Antwaun regrets giving up on Paula Cook and their two kids and while Paula is very hurt, relations are thawing between them.

Possibly while naked, we're saying.

"Paula and Antwaun both ended up at Club RE:Public in Charlotte over the weekend and things got a little cozy between the two," the source said.

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"I don't know where Fantasia was, but she definitely wasn't in the club where they were! Antwaun was shoving his tongue down [Paula's] throat."

The source continued by saying that while Paula was receptive, she did not want to make a scene and was still a little gun-shy with all the PDA.

However, "he told Paula she belongs to him because she's still his wife!"

So according to this story, the home-wrecker, who was also accused of cheating on Fantasia in January, is wrecking a new home with his old one.

Fantasia and Antwaun first began dating while he was still married to Paula in early 2010, allegedly while he was still married to and living with Paula.

"What Fantasia doesn't know is that through all of this, Paula hasn't changed the locks on the house she once shared with Antwaun," the source said.

"And Antwaun still has keys, so you can put two and two together."

"Antwaun has lost interest in Fantasia,. He was even egging people on to take pictures of him and Paula together ... he didn't care who knew."


that guy is a USER. you're still young tasia you will find the right guy for you. just have faith, face all your trials in life, and keep moving on and always pray to our almighty GOD.


Want everybody mind ur on! Leave This alone. The ones thats speaking evil harsh bout the matter is NO better than 'the situation. We ALL have done something that we r not proud of. So my Prayer to everyone who is talking, writting, concerning this matter GO and Prayer! Who r U! R WE! To speak of this matter when we ALL and have r still being Messy! Clean Up! Ur mess! Than talk about how u r clean so u can encourage each other. Until then keep ur MOUTH CLOSED!


hi fantasia i wanted you to really know and love yourself Gods hesed for you will always be there i love you and please if its true dont you dare take your life for no man ever
it would sadden us all you can wheather this storm ive did also GOD GAVE YOU THAT VOICE im really looking forward to hearing GOSPEL FROM YOU please praise the lord for us to hear im looking for great awesome things from you in the future so get busy so i can get broke buying your cds GOD BLESS YOU AND HE GOT YOU REBUKE THE DEVIL


I'm saddened by the choices women make that will affect them for a life time. Fantasia did not set her internal bar high- had he done so she would not be in a conundrum. God is not a part of this relationship but He is there to keep her. God does not break up marriages! The devil comes to kill steal and destroy! If Antwan was divorcing he should have a long time ago! Now these two women are allowing this man to sleep back and forth between them! Do you mean to tell me that there are no decent single men available? Remember the story of Jacob and Leban (Rachel's father). trickery will rear its ugly head later in life!


Was it his looks, his personality, or his magic stick that had Fantasia gone? Only Fantasia knows. What I do know is that Fantasia has to love and respect herself to the fullest now . You deserve a man that loves and respects you and only you. Don't ever get caught up and be that third wheel ever again. Take your time and celebrate your new motherhood. When the time is right let god lead you back to the world of music so that your fans can hear you sing your butt off. God loves you.


I am thoroughly confused?!?!?!


Always and forever Fantasias fan all dat garbage y'all talking bout tasia y'all can fall back so what she was with a married man y'all know her dirt she don't know yalls so fuck that garbage y'all shoveling out y'all mouth's


I do believe Karma is a b**** but does that mean its coming back on Ant also? He left his wife for her, now he's leaving her for his wife, then his wife is going to leave him. That's how its going to go. She should've known better than to think that man would actually leave his wife! Come-on now, his wife! In most cases, the person that leaves always realizes they lost something good & they try to come back. I feel kinda bad for her but its Karma


I agree with ava...what goes around comes around!!! As for you, Fantasia...that's WHAT YOU GET for going after a married man!!! Karma (or something) is a bitch!!!


What really happened is that Antwaun and his wife planned on running game on Fantasia to get some money, but it back fired. He had no plans to get her pregnant but Fantasia got pregnant on purpose thinking things would change. It was all a game from the beginning with antwuan and his wife. However, this will eventually take a toll on paula and she will eventually leave ant. This is what I see. In order to get her pregnant, paula will always be thinking of how good that stuff must have got to him.

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