It's a Boy for Fantasia Barrino!

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Fantasia Barrino has been through quite the ordeal over the past year or so, but the former American Idol champion now has a reason to smile: she's a new mother!

The singer gave birth to a son named Dallas Xavier Barrino today. He was born in North Carolina and checked in at 7 lbs., 9 oz. and 21 inches long. Fantasia also has a 10-year old daughter from a previous relationship.

It's Fantasia!

"I feel so blessed that my son Dallas Xavier was born healthy, and is a wonderful new addition to our family," the 27-year old tells People. "I thank all my fans for their well wishes and continued support."

Fantasia has not gone public with the identity of the new child's father, but it's been strongly reported that he's Barrino's long-time boyfriend, Antwaun Cook.

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I love this girl- she is the most underrated wiennr on American Idol- I dont think I watched it since she was last on it. She seems very humble and down to earth and is looking good! Go Tasia!!!Have to hold my comments on her acting in the upcoming movie until I see it. That made for TV movie had a good idea, good story but I don't think she pulled it off. Nevertheless I am rooting for her!


Dear Trinity Grad,I have also just replied to the same mcomentyou sent me on email. As the photos posted on this blog show, I go to great lengths to include as many students as possible in photos, as do our Trinity photographers. In addition to photos on our website and this blog, many photos of many students are also on Trinity's Facebook page. We include everyone next time you see one of us around with a camera, come right on over and ask for a photo! We always oblige Pat


i think fantasia is so fukn sexy with them big ass juicy lips. I want her to open her mouth, stick out her wet tongue and slowly eat my pussy while i got my face in hers. I wanna hold her legs open and make her cum while im on top 69. I just want to make her feel so good. She need me.


Wow! how about those other "stars" with two three or even four baby mamas... Are they better that her? who are we to judge. Mind your own business. It is timewe elevate our sister, not tear her down. We never seen to come out when it's counts... only when it's something derogatory against our own community. Get a life and stay in school so you do not embarace yourselves any further by speaking. Congratulations Fantasia Barrino & Baby.


COngrats Tasia !!! Fuck what this hatin bitches talkin bout do u n b happy. Screw the rest. Im soooooo happy for u.


Congrats Tasia I'm so happy 4 u mama< God has truly blessed u xxxx


Why do everyone hate on her. She is a dame good role model .before you judge her please make sure your house is clean ..Congrats ...


OMG!!!! Fantasia is human, and she makes mistakes, good Lord, listen at you people, you all are worst than Fantasia. You people hate her for something that is really non of your business. Get a life, let her live her's, since she like you stated "is NOT on welfare" its non of your business, and if she was you aren't the only one in the world paying welfare. Fantasia will make it to heaven before you do, if what you say is really how you feel. My God in heaven you people need prayer. Look closely in your family, real close...then talk about anybody, you can't do it!


First of all i cannot stomach this Fantasia Barrino, about she is going to have 2 not 1 child out of wedlock....she's a total disgrace, and i agree with a lot of people, if she wasn't famous, she would definitely be on welfare....she sickens me....She should have never won American Idol...I think she sucks as a singer...I don't get it....She's soooo loud when she sings.....and she looks and acts sooooooooooooooo ghetto......yukkkkk she's disgusting.........UGH...


Hitlers mom thought the same thing! Her baby is a consequence of disobedience and outright sin against another family and God who she says she believes in.
If she is chosen by God to be in His kingdom or not is Gods coice, but do not say you believe in God and openly go against Him and calla wrong right.
Geez, I have to get straightened out every day, but the again, I'm not on stage proclaiming I follow and then proclaiming God said for me to sin either.
She needs prayer so when the little girl and boy hit ther teens, Satan will not have them rebelling! It's hard enough with the parents fighting to raise kids together being married first and then being forced to have their kids think its ok to do the opposite by someone proclaiming the faith.
Did David proclaim, God blessed me with Basheba after I had Uriah killed as I operated out of the will of God?