Antwaun Cook: Cheating on Fantasia?!?

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Fantasia Barrino is the recent mother of a baby sired by long-time, controversial boyfriend Antwaun Cook. So all must be right for these proud new parents, right? Sadly... wrong.

A friend tells Radar Online that Cook - who allegedly started his relationship with the former American Idol victor while still married - is the same dishonest man he's always been.

"Antwaun has been cheating on Fantasia all along, just like he cheated on his wife with Fantasia," this insider says. "She was silly to think he'd remain faithful... She purposely had this baby with him hoping he'd be a devoted father and boyfriend."

Fantasia in England

This pal says Cook isn't merely pulling a Tiger Woods, either, banging random cocktail waitresses: he's actually tried to reconcile with his ex-wife!

"He tries to get Paula to take him back all the time, but she wants nothing to do with him," the source claim,, adding that Fantasia turns a "blind eye" to the infidelity.

Barrino and Cook have made headlines for all the wrong reasons for over a year. The former was actually sued by Cook's former wife in late 2010, but a judge decreed that Fantasia was not legally a homewrecker and did not owe any damages.


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The only reason why people are making a big deal about Fantasia is because she is a celebity people should not judge her, Fantasia is a good hearted person. Fantasia take care of yourself and your children. God is truly blessing you!!!


Fantasia is only human. Love her or hate her. This happens to a lot of women, not just Fantasia. Because she is a celebrity, people are quick to judge her.


Well we don't know if he is cheating I am not gone press judgement on anyone there has must to been something there he got her pregant plenty of times but once she done being out of love then she will be back I think she want to make it work because he is the father of her child but tasia that don't always work I wish you the best and I hope yu open your eyes and make the best decision love 3>


fantasia jus b horney and shit. she a young blak women and so she needs her sex. of course she be having babies with married men. i bet she'll pop another baby by year's end. girl needs to focus on her career and gets her mind off BBC!


Fantasia should only think about her self and her children and really get god back in her life and ask god to forgive her pass and help he go forward and prosper .I really like fantasia I have been listing to her since she started on American idol I voted for her 5000 times so I say this with love this man dose not mean you or you children any good you will soon have a teenager in your home you know what's that's like you have to set her a very good example because you will be away from her a lot of the time touring so what you do and how you act will show her that's what she is suppose to do I know you love her so be a better person for her and listen to her.


and also fantasia prays and goes to church.regardless of wat she do.she has prayed.let me say dis.fantasia is not stupid or slow ok.god watches ova her.every since fantasia won american idol.people always tryd to use her and take advantage of her.but yall failed to realize that wat eva they tryd to do not work.they dont succeed at all.and plus fantasia wants to be loved.and she gon find the rite man one day just like any other woman.dis journey dat fantasia is traveling.wen dat gud man come along.she gon know it.leave fantasia alone.and always remember.sinners have souls too.


fantasia is a very sweet young lady and life is experiencing new things.everybody have bn cheated on before.and cause shes fantasia.yall act like it dont supose to happen to her.she is only human.damn leave fantasia alone.




I hope Fantasia kick Antwuan to the curb. She don't need him. Just like Debbie Allen said on The Wendy Williams Show, Fantasia needs to focus on herself, her daughter her new baby, and her career. She got so many people trying to hold her back from fulfilling her destiny...from doing what God have for her. She needs to break it off with Antwuan and wait for the right man ( a single man).


Lol @ KP... That made me laugh.

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