Whitney Houston Family: Devastated Over National Enquirer Photo

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The family of Whitney Houston is reacting to The National Enquirer posting a photo of that singer's corpse as you might expect: with outrage and heartbreak.

TMZ cites sources who say Whitney's mother, Cissy, is especially distraught over the tabloid actually taking this measure, but there are no plans to open any kind of investigation into the source of this photo, which the newspaper has the nerve to refer to as "beautiful."

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Meanwhile, Carolyn Whigham, owner of the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, tells The Daily News that neither she nor her staff had anything to do with the image or its leak.

"We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that," she said to the newspaper. "Whitney was a friend. I’m the one who flew to Los Angeles and got Whitney from the coroner’s office. I did everything to protect her.”

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this is ugly indeed. rip whitney.


I think all of u should give this woman a break. Anyone with a mobile phone could have easily snapped a pic of Whitney and sold it especially with a great money offer. I honestly believe that she did not do it but I also question one of her family. Who knows, maybe one of them did it especially knowing that the funeral home will be blamed for it


We did not take the photo-I guess u didnot,but you know who did.We didnt sell the photo,I bet u got a large donation.You flew to get Whitney cause it was your job and u cashed in like the theives who broke in and snapped her photos while lying in your funeral home.What, no police report for the breakin.My my Ms. Whigham what a good friend you were.

Jaan black

not buying the funeral director's story...I know for a fact the only time the funeral home looks like that is right before or after a viewing - hence the lighting set up and lack of family/friends being present...nice try lady in the annoying gold jacket that thought she was directing a marching band when they were carrying out the casket


Even before publishing a photo claiming that it was Ms.Houston, The National Enquirer had to know there would be a backlash of outrage. Even if Ms. Houston wore $500K worth of jewelry and gold slippers, it could easily be an enticement to grave robbers and grave diggers to interfere with her remains. The National Enquirer tabloid can't even let a deceased person rest without continuing to profit off their death. Total Madness!!


I can't believe that some of you idiots actually think this is "no big deal." How about we take a picture of your mother or even your young child and we will see how much you like it (not wishing death on anyone.) This is BEYOND disrespectful! This was not taken for fans to see her for the last time, they had no intention on doing this for the fans. This was all about the money. My God, I am amazed at how stupid and disrespectful people are nowadays. Also, I see some people on this article and the other article saying "what was the point if the magazine blurred the picture out?" The picture was blurred out by THG because it was so ridiculously disrespectful and THG and much more classy and respectful. Unlike some of you who believe this is okay.


It is my strong belief, the picture was taken by someone who was close.. I personally believe Ms. Carolyn when she says she knew nothing of it.... But.... In my opinion, It was very close ... Security was definitely on high alert. Whomever did this. Just know KARMA IS COMING ...


Please leave whitney to rest in peace her music has special memories to all who loved her.
You'll always be remembered for being the best women singer of all time.


This IS a big deal for a family. Having worked with the recovery of deceased people, the last moment families have with that person where they can see them 'looking normal' is right before they're taken for burial. The funeral is intensely personal. To intrude on that, while it may seem like 'not a big deal' to some, think about it. Whitney was special to a lot of people but most special to her family and THEY are the ones who should have had that last moment with her. Not the world.


I'm wondering..if it wasn't anyone in the funeral home...then why is it a picture of just the casket and Whitney..no people around..it had to be someone that had time to snap the photo when no one was around...it makes one think????

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