National Enquirer Defends Whitney Houston Death Photo as "Beautiful"

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The National Enquirer has an extraordinarily warped sense of beauty.

With every media outlet and Twitter account holder in shock and disgust over that tabloid publishing a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket, courtesy of last Saturday's funeral in New Jersey, the tabloid's publisher, Mary Beth Wright, spoke to Fox News yesterday and actually said:

“I thought it was beautiful."

Enquirer Cover

This isn't the first time the National Enquirer has invoked such controversy and outrage. In 1977, the newspaper published an image Elvis Presley in his coffin, and it also ran a a photograph of John Lennon following his death in 1980.

What do you think of its decision to post a shot of Whitney's corpse?

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although I grieve for her death and wish nothing but recovery I personaly feel better knowing that there is such an angel as Miss Whitney to watch over me.......David DeCarlo


what a shame whom ever took the picture of the Devine Miss Houston. REGARDLESS of what the cause of death was let her rest in peace AND let her family and TRUE fans move on!!! bless you Houston family David DeCarlo

Ms billie

My comment is more for Whitney's mother Cissy more than anyone. Cissy you very well may be upset although honestly you shouldn't be. I received that magazine and have to say it was a beautiful photo of her. It was taken and published very tastefully and nothing degrading about it. May you find the closure and peace you need dear lady. Most people doesn't realize these are just photos nothing more. I've saw these types of photos all my life even of my own father. They don't take anything away from you or add anything.


YO! this isn't even BAD its just a bloody picture right, she looks fine theres nothing wrong with it, i think you're just overreacting!!
The only bad thing i see is, not asking the families permission, i would soooo BUY this paper cause am G!!


This isn't even that bad, the only thing bad about it is that they didn't ask the family if they could do it. The picture was done nicely, with Whitney looking peaceful, so much so that she could be asleep. Its not as if they took a shot up her nose is it. CALM DOWN AND GET A GRIP millions die every year and they get no recognision for it, all Whitney did is sing and act, yes she was amazing. But we should just stop going on about it and leave her and her family alone and in peace.


I remember an interview with Oprah about her fathers funeral, that she had a day just for the family to mourn.. Now im thinkin that all she wanted is her privacy for her and her family.. National Enquirrer is one of the news paper that went beyond bounderies about freedom of media.. all i can say is that your credibility to bring information to people is ruined.. i wont patronize you at all.. unrespectful and disgusting,, RIP Ms. Whitney.. we will forever miss you


what nonsense is dat from a bunch of stupid grown ups? aint they worried they might lose love n loyalty to all their readers? wat were they thinking taking da photo?....i think the whole bunch should be suspended from attending funerals.


someeople denote a high level of stupidity and you wonder whether they human. the publisher should have thought twice on that cz the photo could bring an end to the paper plus a massive fine not forgetting imprisonment. even if the paper is to survive will record very low ratings in the comming days.


Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. I hope your family find good grace in the lord and continue on as God would have planned it. We are soldiers and everyone will go home someday.


I saw this magazine in wal-mart. Come on people that's not even her looks nothing like her. This is all for money to make u buy there magazine look at her closer you'll see its not her. She was buried the day her family had the private funeral and what most saw on tv was a closed casket it was that way cause she wasn't in it. Some people will do anything for a buck