The Bachelor Sneak Peeks: Courtney Robertson Plans Faux Wedding With Ben Flajnik on Hometown Date

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Courtney Robertson isn't exactly known for subtlety. Or class. Or sanity.

Still, The Bachelor bad girl ups the ante even more than usual on next week's hometown date with Ben Flajnik, planning a "big surprise" for the hunk.

"I'm going to tell him I love him, and doing it in a very special way," Courtney Robertson teases in a sneak peek from Monday night's crucial episode.

"We're at this place where I've always wanted to get married and I've got a little wedding planned ... This is the best way I can think of to show Ben how I feel about him."

Courtney/The Bachelor producers really know how to pick 'em:

Armed with two notepads, Court suggest they "could write some vows" for one another. "Do you have rings, too?" Ben Flajnik asks, likely only half-kidding.

"Maybe I do," Robertson teases. "Maybe I do." Girl is full-on crazy.

The Bachelor spoilers we've posted all season long have been accurate, so visit that page for a look at how (we think) the rest of the season plays out.

Then follow the jump for sneak peeks of Ben's hometown dates with the other three girls, Kacie Boguskie, Lindzi Cox and Nicki Sterling ...


Cassie, you are beautiful, smart,and precious. I hope love for
you soon. I cried along with you. You are amazing. Clarksville, Tn


Ben is such a sucker to believe or respect Courtney. He gets what he deserves. Yeah, he needs a hot shower, shave, and haircut. Courtney is evil, manipulative, and vindictive, out for fame and fortune.


Cannot stand Courtney...makes me sick to my stomach. What is wrong with Ben. Makes me think less and less of him for being so blind. He must not want a wife but a hooker!!


Courtney is a fake B******* I hate her Ben is just as stupid. So happy Cassie B. is out of it, she deserve somebody just as nice as she is. Her dad was so right about no willing to give her away to stupid Ben. Courtney will give Ben what he wants, go right ahead with this faker.


Courtney is as fake a ever. What girl with any morals would go skinny dipping with a guy she just met. That only shows that she will do anything to get a man. If Ben picks ner at the end he is just as dumb as her. The guy who stars in the Idiot abroad is so much smarter than Ben. I only hope after watching the show after it finishes he will see Courtney true colors.


courtney?she makes me sick. This season show with Ben is the worst ever.


Ben F. Worst hair... Second in line to Donald Trump. Maybe if he cut it his brain could function somewhat normally.


Caseyb's father was correct. Ben would be an absolute FOOL not to marry LINDZI. She is the sweetest and most level headed , unassuming, the prettiest and fun too. Her mom and dad are great ..accepting him without a bunch of questions.
If he doesn't marry her, he should marry bacon and live happily ever after.


A. Yes, Courtney is a nut...but she's playing the game to get famous.
B. Kacie B completely not right for this guy. She was feeling desperate a couple episodes ago and convinced herself she should tell him she loves him and now she actually believes it? No - she's an immature kid. Probably the cutest one left...but sorry - I would even have dumped her.
C. I think he likes the Nikkie girl, but not to be mean, he knows she's gonna get fat...she's already thick!
D. Probably should go with the blonde gal...after hooking up with rat face a couple times first. She looks older than 27 tho...which could also be bad. Maybe ask for a couple more choices???


okay, Cassie B...doesn't deserve him...he is sooooo wrong here...she would of made him so happy, think it was the living in thing that he didn't like her parents saying...hope she finds love very fast and show Ben up...worst season so far...not watching it anymore

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