Seal Pushed Heidi Klum in Pre-Divorce Fight, Source Claims

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Seal's split from Heidi Klum was one of the most shocking celebrity divorces in recent memory, but the parting of ways appeared to have been scandal-free.

Or was it? A new tabloid report suggests that may not be the case.

According to an alleged family insider, the couple, who married in May 2005, got into a full-blown screaming match at their L.A. home in mid-January.

A screaming match that led to even worse.

Heidi and Seal Picture

"Heidi told friends that Seal just lost it," the insider said, according to Radar and Star. "He was screaming - and, she said, he pushed her. It was horrible."

The encounter escalated to the point that Heidi's security guard had to intervene, reports say. "He had to physically restrain Seal," the source adds.

While Seal's temper has been widely rumored as a cause of the breakup, it's not clear if this fight or any other incidents pushed Heidi over the edge.

Publicly, at least, the pair insists the separation is mutual and amicable, and Seal even said on Ellen that a reconciliation may happen down the line.



To begin with, I am on Heidi Klum's side...ALL THE WAY!!! Also, I am not surprised that Seal has a temper. I recently read elsewhere on-line that Seal has a very EXPLOSIVE temper!!! To me, he looks like a very dangerous kind of dude that would break into someone's bedroom window at night and easily kill someone in their sleep. YIKES!!!!! Also, he is so scary looking!!!!! Furthermore, when he appeared on Ellen Degeneres's talk show, I was BEYOND unimpressed!!! The more interviews he gives, the more it proves (to me) that he has A LOT to hide!!! Most of all, I TRULY AGREE with Fola...Heidi needs to protect herself, her kids and her assets. I am now and officially an EX-FAN of Seal's!!! And, I am now an EVEN BIGGER FAN of Heidi's!!! TEAM HEIDI ALL THE WAY!!!!! And, Heidi...Stay Strong Sweetheart!!!!!!


pipo stop comentin on pipo's marriage let them solve there promblems without puttin presure on them.


@Negus- Could we be that lucky?


Who cares? I'm hoping he chimps out and OJ's her. That would be great entertainment.


Who gives a f&%*.



Wv peach

God he is soooo ugly in that picture.


i'm not saying this didnt happen, but no one knows for sure. people make up stuff all of the time, dont be so quick to attack seal just because of something you read on thg just saying.


i love heidi and if he pushed her or hurt her he should get his but kicked


Heidi whatever you do please don't go back. Protect yourself your kids and your assets!

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