Paula Deen Touts Recent Weight Loss

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Paula Deen's fans noticed something different about her at the 2012 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami on Sunday: She's looking noticeably thinner.

The Queen of Southern cooking, who was recently criticized after she revealed she's had Type 2 Diabetes for three years, says she's already shed two sizes.

"I've dropped two pant sizes and I feel great!" Deen, 65, said, crediting a health regime that includes walking 30 minutes a day and eating smaller portions.

Paula Deen Losing Weight?

Deen hosted a brunch that included a menu of fried chicken, waffles, jambalaya cooked by her husband and a strawberry margarita mousse prepped by Robert Irvine.

She told fans during her cooking demo that she isn't sure what she weighs.

"We don't own a scale in our house," she says. "Every six months I go for a physical and find out. Now it's time to see the doctor. She'll be happy if I've lost weight."

Both the cook and her family are pleased with results.

"Doesn't she look nice?" son Bobby said. "She has a little more pep in her step now. She'd been guilty of being a little too sedentary – like a lot of people."

Deen told fans, "It's amazing how good getting up and moving makes you feel."



what diet to start


what is my first step to lose this weight i am type 2


most type 1 diabetics lose weight when they maintain good control and good diet habits. Paula looks amazing!!


good for u I too have to lose lbs, very challenging, especially around all the food, I like to bake, so as not to have it in the house, I give baking away to large groups of people, I get satisfaction from their reactions, all good.


Paula I am happy for you. If you can lose weight doing what you do surrounded by food all the time, I can too. I take steroids for a medical condition making it incredibly hard to lose weight. I am
hopeful after seeing you suceed that I will be successful.


Hi Paula! First of all, let me say, I started watching you because you were funny...I kept watching you because you could cook like nobody's business...and I still watch you because, overall, you're an amazing woman's woman...I say that because you simply 'overcome' adversity...and that is worth admiring! I applaud your weight loss and determination to do it. I just want to know HOW you did it...I have type II, too, and I can't seem to get a handle on it. I wish I had one of those bunge jumpin' things you got...I'd exercise on that! I wish you continued success and keep on cookin' and overcoming'! Laura


That is great Paula! Congrats and keep up the great work. I know it can be tough to get up and get going..but the reward after doing it is awesome. I always remind myself of how good I feel after...instead of focusing on how I feel before hand.


Paula I love your cooking shows. You have a down home personality that makes a person feel they are your best friend. Sorry to hear about your illness. The negative comments are about th illnes make those people seen ingnorant. You GO Girl!!!!!

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