Paula Deen Can't Eat Own Dishes Due to Diabetes

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The Food Network's Paula Deen is about to come clean with an ironic, sad admission: She can’t eat her own dishes anymore because she has diabetes.

The Georgia-born chef, considered the queen of high-calorie, Southern comfort food who has five best-selling cookbooks, has never addressed this.

In fact, she has been trying to keep her condition a secret, even after the National Enquirer reported in April 2011 that she has Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes has often been associated with fatty foods and obesity.

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Neither Paula Deen, 64, nor her reps have confirmed this report.

If Paula's brand is hurt by this revelation, she's covering her bases.

Sources say Deen has hammered out a seven-figure deal to be the spokeswoman pharmaceutical company Novartis, endorsing the drug she is taking.

Makes sense. But repositioning herself may prove a tough task.

“Paula Deen is going to have to rebrand herself now that she has diabetes,” said a source. “She’s going to have to start cooking healthier recipes."

"She can’t keep pushing mac and cheese and deep-fried Twinkies when she is hawking a diabetes drug five minutes later.”

In August, No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain called Deen “the worst, most dangerous person to America” and said she should “think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us.”

Never one to mince words, Anthony Bourdain.


Im so tired of people putting paula down.first of all her show is not a child based show it is directed at adults who can make their own choices so if they choose to cook and eat her recipes they should have enough sense to know they aren't healthy. And she has the right to eat what ever she wants last time i looked this is still the united states and her health issues are just that hers.and no ones damn buisness,she doesn't need to answer to anyone,least not the famous chef that keeps running his big mouth about her.if adults cant figure out on their own what is healthy and what isn't for them then they need to stay the hell out of the kitchen and away from cooking shows.PAULA IS GREAT


Don't blame it all on Paula Deens diet along. Type 2 diabetes can run in your family history and any statins that you might take can also cause the inset of diabetes. Then as you age they can catch up with you. That was my case, it wasn't the food that I was eating but the statins and family history of it that gave it to me. Also food changes alone will not get ride of it. Many times it also takes drugs to control it. One can change their diet and exercise and may be able to get rid of it, but not always. Like High Blood Pressure, sometimes diet and exercise alone will not make it go away. So drugs are given to help keep it under control. Good luck to Paula in her quest to get it gone or under control. As for her cooking, those are all OLD SOUTH style recipes. Not the way we all cook today, but the way our parents and those before them use to cook.


Wonder if Paula took "Lipitor"? New survey says 48% of women develop diabetes.............


Disappointed in Paula Dean. I saw the TODAY interview and it came across like she was lying to us all the time. I know the food is fat producing. But the Drug company is not acceptable. If she want to help the Diabetes Association for free - fine. But to rip her fans off is not acceptable. Good buy Paula.


I am a southern woman with diabetes. Overweight too. Paula had her reasons for not coming forward with her personal information, so why does everyone think they can put her down, is it because she's made money or that you just don't like us fat folks. She cooks like I do, my mother and grandmother cooked the same way. I still can't make a pie without a stick of butter. She's a wonderful person that gives back to her community, and if she has medical problems just pray for her good health. We don't need to be so hateful.


PUH-LEASE. I am not suprised AT ALL that she has Type 2 Diabetes. This woman put half of a stick of butter in an apple! I remember thinking, "Man, no wonder our country is so obese..." U NEED HELP PAULA. DONT BE AFRAID TO GET IT.


She was warned by Dr OZ when she was on his program and I guess she didn't want to listen and now I guess she has no choice in the matter.




Nothing wrong with eating her foods on a special occasion. But, if you eat the way she cooks, 3meas a day, every dy, then yeah, you're gonna have a problem... Can't believe she didn't end up with type II diabetes years ago. Hoe she's able to modify her diet and get a handle on it. Love Paula Deen, her recipes are delicious, but, ya gotta know to eat that way in very rare instances...


People should stop to consider that there are other reasons why people come down with Type 2 diabetes other than simply the type of food you eat. It may have a contributive factor, it may be the sole reason also but in most cases there is a huge heriditary factor. It's funny how people love jumping on bandwagons and then miss the whole parade.

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