Miley Cyrus Out, Selena Gomez In for Animated Vampire Movie

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Selena Gomez is joining the young vampire craze. And the actress is taking over for pal Miley Cyrus in order to do it.

A rep for Adam Sandler has confirmed to E! News that Gomez will replace Miley in Hotel Transylvania, an animated feature in which Sandler will voice the operator of a high-end resort that caters to vampires, and who freaks out when a boy finds the locale and falls for the Count's teen-aged daughter.

She'll be played by Selena.

Selena Gomez in Mexico City
Off to Lunch

Other characters in Hotel Transylvania will be voiced by Andy Samberg, Cee Lo Green and Kevin James. The film is scheduled for a September release.

No word on why Miley dropped out of the project.



the thing is
miley lost her beautiful voice oops i mean Monster voice when she started SMOKING
so she give up
and selena i mean cute selena selected for this project


why can"t we all just get along they are both beauitful and awesome singer and actors god bless u both


selena is a good person and she is very pretty to other people i think she is going to win


miley cyrus rockx no matter wat so shut ur traps 2 those who don't noe hw 2 appreciate her!!!! Miley Miley all the way!!! Luv u miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


funny how the american,white-bread girls always h8 on Selena etc and on latinas in general and 4 what? Perhaps alot of your white boys like us better then you:) Insecure much?


@Sarah: There's nothing wrong with liking Selena Gomez, but you don't have to tear Miley Cyrus down to show her support. She never did anything to you. You're only making YOURSELF look like the immature bitch.


Ow the girl who likes when someone touches her ass will be voicing it?
Then I'm not watching!...


Miley dropped the role because she has better opportunities and things to do than give her voice to a cartoon.


Selena rocks! Miley will not fit the part.


wtf , clarissa ? why do you hate Miley ? she's great , you know ! :p

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