Leah Messer: Jumped By Roving Gang of She-Thugs Outside Movie Theater!

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was brutally attacked by a group of three women outside a West Virginia movie theater this weekend, according to reports.

The 19-year-old mother of twins, who just miscarried in her second pregnancy, is telling friends and family that the incident went down Sunday night.

Leah Messer says she had just left the theater with her new fiance, Jeremy Calvert, when an older woman began following her and calling her names.

Leah Messer Cries

Leah insists she tried to tell the woman to leave her alone when two other girls came out of nowhere and all three began wailing on her hardcore.

Sources say Leah's fiance and a security guard managed to pull the three assailants off the MTV star and got Messer the hell out of the area.

A photo of her face following the brawl shows the poor blonde with a swollen cheek and redness on her neck and chest ... this was a serious melee.

Messer apparently did not recognize any of her attackers, but Leah's mother has since gone to Twitter in an effort to try and identify the women.

It's equally unclear why the goons decided to go after her in the first place. Sources say Leah plans to follow up with police later today to file a report.


i think she is a great mother but she dont need a booyfriend or jump in to getting marryed again it going to happen again if she did this two time she need to rese her kids for now


I hope what happened to Leah wasn't just a publicity stunt. You think?


I was a teen mother forty years ago. My son's biological father was not involved, which I knew even then, was a good thing. I struggled just as I see girls struggling now. When my son was a year old I met the guy who turned out to be a great dad. He's been gone for 10 years now, but he and my son had a great relationship. It takes much more than biology to be a parent. My son has grown up to also be a great dad. I'm very proud of him, and love him so much!


*that no they, lol. oh god, I can't even type.


I'm sorry, that made my day. The fact they you're making fun of people who use incorrect spelling while bitching about others' spelling and grammar, when you spelled GRAMMAR wrong yourself? Omg, priceless.


i personaly think what happens between leah and cory is between them, i mean if leah was not happy with him then of course they can not be together. the 3 women that thought jumping leah was a good idea, it was pretty stupid because leah is still goin to live her life the way she wants reguardless...


@Courtneyj6, It's grammar, not grammEr. It's a shame that she was viciously attacked. I hope that she is able to find who did it, because violence, whatever the reason, is not the answer.


Leah out of all da girls on dis show i admire u da most wen ur family was splitn up u were cryn.mama i even started cryn an im watchn da finale now ur so upset @ u but its not all u corey needs to take sum responsibility cus a marriage is 50 50 he luvs u doe never thought youll would have lead to dat ..look to da hills frm wens cumeth ur health . Make ur family wk fight for wat u want luv u girlie :*:D


Leah no matter wat everyone makes mistakes so can no one look dwn on u but i feel u shud try to make ur marriage wk boo and take care ur kids


Leah, guess what we all make mistakes but look mama fuck em all do u an maintain ur happiness your pretty...an u got a lot going for you...keep your head held high mamas...just learn from the many obstacles. that may be thrown at you....p.s I'll fuck those girls up myself for fuckin wit u.everything is going too be just fine...an follow up wit that police report too....dumb does always jumping somebody....holla at me Leah

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