Kylie Bisutti, Victoria's Secret Model, Quits Career to Honor God, Save Body For Husband

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Kylie Bisutti, a Victoria's Secret lingerie model, recently quit that job because it conflicted with her hardcore Christian beliefs, and to save her body for her husband.

She will still model, but only in ways that honor the Lord.

Bisutti, 21, appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday to discuss her decision, why she decided to quit, and how her husband Mike Bisutti feels about it ...

"Growing in my relationship with the Lord and my faith… I just became so convicted about wanting to honor my husband with my body and wanting to be a role model for younger women out there that look up to me," Kylie explained.

In 2009, then-19-year-old and newly married Kylie beat out 10,000 other hopefuls in a Victoria's Secret model search saying: "I have a very sweet personality, but don't let that exterior fool you. I want this, and I'll do what it takes to get it."

But Kylie said she had an epiphany one day, and not a good one.

With her 8-year-old cousin admiring her physique, she recalls, "I was doing my makeup in the mirror one day and she was watching me… She just looked at me and she was like, 'I think I want to stop eating so I can look like you.'"

"And it just broke my heart, because she looks up to me."

"I didn't want to be that type of person that she thought she had to do that. Thousands of girls that think beauty is an outer issue, and really it's a heart issue."

How did her husband feel about this career move?

"He was so, so supportive of me and I'm just so thankful that he let me grow and let me come to this decision on my own," she said, noting that he's very happy.

"I'm definitely going to pursue modeling," she said. "I just want to be more wholesome and the jobs that I choose are always going to be honoring the Lord."

Guys everywhere just lost out big time, but you gotta respect the girl for putting her convictions ahead of superficiality, money and fame, right?

What do you think of Kylie's decision?


Wow, it takes a very mature person with their feet firmly planted on the ground to NOT get caught up in the hype and false glamor of fame and morally corrupt Hollywood. FINALLY, a role model our daughters can look up to. God bless you girl!


She did not just say this after a photo shoot she said they also asked them to do private modeling shows with other VS models for men who had paid for such, so she was very special too know that was not professional of VS asking these special women to degrade themselves by not modeling clothes but modeling their body before men who were not buying clothes... For evidence the God of this young woman comes go to the Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry and Adam and Eve in action for undeniable proof ... Her husband is very fortunate....


Adriana lima is a hardcore Catholic and saved herself for marriage, but is still a VS angel


She made the right decision. As she is willing to leave the glory of the world to honor our Lord the Lord is glorifying her. I am saying about her among the youth as a model of Christian youth. May God bless you with your husband.


I'm Christian too. And I personally believe that Kylie made the right decision in doing what she did. She has not change profession, she simply change fields of work. I'm a member of the Sunday School at our home church and as a senior girl i truly believe that Kylie is setting an example of just how influential we can be. We do not need to keep pleasing others with what we do. All things are superficial without Gods provision in our life. I believe Kylie only prove that we have to be TRUE TO WHO WE ARE and were created to be and not try to be what others make us to be. Kylie you have made me believe that we don't have to be models to set a standard of what others should pick up to be the latest trend for a season and gone the next, but to be a Role Model for others to remember in a lifetime.




@Alaina Honey, Your pastor is right, don't listen to the people who have harsh, crude commments- Jesus warned us about them in the Gospel of John 15:18-20 "If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I choose you to come out of the world, so it hates you. Do you remember what I told you? A slave is not greater than the master, since they persecuted me, naturally they'll persecute you..."
To all who have comments like "holy rollers",'s real easy to sit atyour computers and make nasty comments because it helps you hide the pain inside, I pray you will let Him in because only He can take it away...


I give it a year or two and she will be back modeling again. Once the bank account starts getting low she will return to her bread and butter.


Oh, for crying out loud, all of you holy rollers need to get on with your lives and believe in yourselves instead of laying every problem you encounter on "God." While I respect her decision and admire her will to walk away from a potential windfall of cash from modeling, if she really had strong religious convictions she never would have become a lingerie model in the first place. She reminds me of all of you white people who adopt black babies just prove that you are not racist. If God supposedly can forgive career criminals, adulterers and crooked politicians he most certainly won't look down upon this young lady for modeling lingerie and putting a good chunk of change into the collection box every Sunday.


Kylie did the best thing ever your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and wether she made this decision after 2yrs of being a VS model or even after 10yrs wen u decide to Honour God u have been washed clean u have been Redeemed that's How gracious and loving My Jesus is. Well done Kylie ur an inspiration to many