Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Lady Gaga vs. Nicki Minaj

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Adele outshone Lady Gaga musically by winning six Grammys Sunday night. Nicki Minaj may have upstaged her in the outrageous fashion and performance department.

After all, it was Nicki Minaj's Grammy performance, not Gaga's, that featured a confession to a priest and an exorcism (not to mention a fake red carpet Pope sighting).

Clearly there's room for both of these outsized personalities.

Gaga was on hand - wearing fishnets on her face in fact - but a devilish Nicki likely stole the show from her in the fashion department. If you can even call either "fashion."

Vote for your favorite "style" star in the Face-Off below:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the Grammys, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj? Vote for your favorite "fashion" star from last night's award show here! View Poll ยป

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Totally lady gaga. Nicki minaj isnt either but lady gaga has been doing crazy things more than her. didnt three-some just start being crazy?


Gaga. She's known worldwide for embracing her individuality and being herself no matter what. Minaj is just for filling an image of what she thinks is 'in' at the moment. She's pathetic and her music is unbearable.


they both r kinda gross, but at least nicki is funny, gaga used to be cool until she became a monster, but no one can say any of them is original or hot, cuz they both also look like men, and they both are wannabes, any way they both can sing, and write, so they should use that instead of being wannabeing (just my opinion, so no hating)


Nicki Minaj is better. She has a originality. She not copying Lady Gaga,it's her own style,a "Motherfucker Monster". Nicki Minaj is friendly than Lady Gaga,the foolish !


i love u gaga


Im gaga for you mother monster......u r unique and will always be number one!


was down at her dads new restaurant a month ago, the day after it opened, saw him. very handsome classy looking man. stood there hoping to c her but unfortunately didnt. Will b going back there in a few wks for lunch. ya never know !!!! I AM CRAZY OUT OF MY MIND WITH GAGA, SHES SUCH A PHENOMINAL CARING REAL BEAUTIFUL AMAZING CREATIVE TALENTED GOOD DECENT PERSON. I HAVE A "GAGA WALL" in my living room !!!! In honor to her. Shes THE greatest thing thats EVER happened to music since theres been music in this world. #1. Cannot wait till shes comes back home here to NYC in concert next yr. or whenever..I will b there!!! Im SO proud shes a NYC chick like me !!! :)


GaGa looks so much better, and pulls this look off because it goes with her personality and style, Nicki just ran out of jacking lil' Kim wardrobe, copying styles from lil Kims "No matter" video in super bazz, which was so obvious, now that she has ran out of copying everything through out Kim's career, that now she needs to feed off someone else's ideas to see what works for her. That's is why she did "stupid hoe", because she ran out of lil Kim ideas, she copied Shakira's style in the cage which was so obvious, when you get tired of copying lady gaga who would be next Nicki?


Hands down to gaga for best dress, especially since its as unique, sexy, and creative! I love nikki but she needs to have higher standards when it comes to trying to wear something outrageous like Gaga. It was a poor excuse in trying to get attention and proved to be a fashion raod kill. Gaga is the best!!


Gaga is amazing.
Nicki is great.
They're both individuals.
I think Nicki's performance was fantastic.
Celebrities have been doing things considered "taboo" for a long time.
They are not the first to do a controversial performance, and they will not be the last.

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