Nicki Minaj Grammy Performance: Confessions and Controversy

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Did Nicki Minaj take her act too far at last night's Grammy Awards?

Never one to shy away from controversy, the 29-year old rapper kicked off a rendition of "Roman Holiday" by confessing to a fake priest. She then proceeded to put on a show that featured pyrotechnics, backup dancers dressed as monks and a great deal of religious imagery.

Adele, standing alone at a microphone and simply singing, it was not.

Minaj also walked the red carpet, prior to the ceremony, with a guy dressed like The Pope. Fun and different? Or offensive and different? Watch the singer get exorcised on stage now and then decide:

We can expect a statement from the Catholic League to be released at any moment...

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If I see lil wayne imma take his dreads and shove it up nicki minaj's ass, a ipusted hoe who is so insecure about her looks that she needs to look in the mirror 24/7. You didn't have dolls as a child, now you sleep with dolls and ur 28. she doesn't like men cuz her dad was crazy and use to rape her as a child and burnt the house down.


Shut the fuck up!! She's a great rapper,and what is different if u celerbrate halloween?? Unlike other singers that just stand there and sing!! Boring fucks


She's a illuminati Satan worshiper read between the lines people ....... And If you're not nikki you better pray to god and change up you're subliminal ways


i just think everyone just need to grow th f__k up, its just a performance. damn she is just doing her think, after watching it i dont think theres anything wrong with it. come on gods its 2012, there are more worse movie then nicki's performance..... i like most of her song and i just feel people need to stop been a stuck up hoe and shut the hell up, u dont like it then dont watch it, she did not force anyone to watch it... damn




I understand that Nicki was going for symbolism here, but when does symbolism go too far? I mean... her dancers were grinding on altar boys while praying and grinding on people dressed as the religious life. That's definitely crossing the line. I mean, as an artist, I wouldn't want to be limited; but for the Grammy's... there has to be a line drawn somewhere.


I love Nicki Minaj and I think that everybody is overreacting. It was just a performance she didn't mean it seriouslly. I like this song and she is an amazing singer and if everybody doesn't like her performance then why didn't the people that run the Grammy's stop her??? If they thought it was so horrible then they should of told her to do a different song. So it's there own fault NOT Nicki Minaj's!


OK you dont have to be a jesus freak to dislike the bullsh** that nicki performed. Anybody who thought that was creative in any way needs to be in a mental hospital. It was a disgusting disgrace and down right disrespectful to any religion what so ever. I was a big fan of her but after that idk anymore.


I am not a witch so I didn't like this.


It was the stupidest, most horrible performance I had ever seen. I was so embarrassed for her. I had to mute it then change the channel cause I couldn't even watch it.