FBI Contacted Over Taylor Armstrong Death Threats

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Taylor Armstrong clearly sucks. The reality star has gone out of her way to trash her late husband and exploit his suicide.

But, come on people, that doesn't mean this Real Housewife of Beverly Hills should die.

Sadly, no one told that to @Hardboiledpeggs, a moron on Twitter who posed a pair of vitriolic message on Sunday night, first writing to Taylor "see u on February 7 ill be there with a book and a rope so i can kidnap u," and then adding of daughter Kennedy, 5:

"Turn around bright eyes every now and then, Kennedy's dead."

Taylor "Awful" Armstrong

Armstrong replied to both messages with: "Don't ever contact me again."

She'll be at a book signing on February 7 in New Jersey and sources confirm that an increase in security has now been approved for the event.

An insider tells Radar Online that the incident has been "turned over to the FBI" and Taylor "will do whatever is necessary to protect herself and Kennedy. Taylor is assisting the FBI with the investigation, and she wants the person responsible for the the threats prosecuted.”

Would we put it past Taylor Armstrong to make up this Twitter handle, which has since been deleted, and conjure up this entire tale for the sake of publicity? No. But we'd never come out and make such a claim.


Where are the reports? Where is the proof that the FBI got involved? I don't believe for a second this is true. Taylor has been caught in too many lies. It really makes me curious as to WHERE IS THE PROOF she was ever involved in DV. A picture of a black eye proves nothing to me, especially when there was no police report to back it up. Hell where is anyone who may have witnessed anything (Mother, Father, Friends, her ASSISTANT) did they ever see or hear anything that could valid her lies.... We have heard absolutely nothing from anyone on her side backing any of her BS.... Even the other housewives on the show don't believe her stories....


Taylor... JUST GO AWAY !!! Your wretched self needs to be removed from the BH cast.
Death threats are unacceptable, but so are you....Bravo take heed...


OMG! Kim did have her mother call the FBI when everyone found out about her visual sexual tryst with Ray J! Sooooo to deviate from the publics opinion they call in the FBI! WOW!


Anybody remember the Kardashians calling the FBI? Yeah when her porn was leaked over the net, momma Kris called the FBI.! Taylor is a copy cat, wanna be! What the next season, she falls in love with Martina Navratilova, they adopt a child from Tazmania, live on a boat house, Kennedy marries Andy's nephew, she releases a single: Ain't easy living on a thread!", she leaves Martina and takes all her money... Ok, how about American Airlines puts her on their pilot program and she learns to pilot a plane! We all find out when she inadvertently: "Welcome aboard this is your Captain Shana, err Ford, no I'm Taylor!! Hahahaha! Cracks me up!!! Lord have mercy on her tainted little soul!!! Bahahaha!!!


This woman is always looking for attention and now to make a buck. Maybe she'll nab some other naive guy and spend all his money too. Look out for taylor people!!

Wv peach

No one should ever threaten a child because of the antics of a parent. While not fond of Taylor, I can't imagine ever causing harm to her or the child. Hope they find the ass who wrote that.


Death threats are not acceptable!! Taylor Armstrong is a liar, a fake, and really a big trouble maker. I pray that she fi da a new life somewhere else out of the public eye! Also I am betting $500 that she will now swim in the ladies pond for more attention. How sad that this woman is an attention seeking bigot! Sad! Sad! Sad! My country has better things to do than protect this looney from her own lies!