Courtney Robertson to Appear on The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special?

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Courtney Robertson allegedly appears on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special this season, according to reports. Why is this noteworthy for Bachelor fans?

Because the Women Tell All episode, which airs March 5, but was taped Friday in L.A., has never featured either of the girls in the following week's finale.

Does that mean Courtney Robertson gets bounced this Monday? Or did the show make a special exception to bring out a finalist because, well, it's her?

Getting Faux Hitched

According to insiders and The Bachelor spoilers we have read, analyzed, maintained and posted throughout this winter ... they made an exception for her.

Courtney has been the center of so much controversy all season long - she's pretty much the reason for the show at this point - they felt they had to.

It's true. Giving Court a chance to square off with the other women (or vice versa) could make for amazing television. They probably hate her more now!

Back when all the drama was taking place during filming, they hadn't even seen her confessionals, with some of the best quotes (see highlight reel below).

Specifically, Court's main nemesis, Emily O'Brien, should give her an earful.

The Bachelor returns tomorrow night as Robertson, Lindzi Cox and Nicki Sterling vie for the final two spots in the March 12 season finale. Stay tuned.


After reading Ben's comments on his Facebook page ( He says it's just a TV show) I think both he and Courtney have been "playing" all of us.Courtney Roberts is also on Facebook and it's all about HER!All the posts point to her 'winning".


I couldn't believe how many friggin times this moron Courtney was fidgeting with her hair...God is she nervous or WHAT?????? not only is she ugly, she's totally annoying too....This idiot Ben, can't see she's playing him...What is wrong with him....the only thing he did do right was get rid of that girl Nicki...Wow, did you see the fat thighs on that one....Wow she was actually fat, and nothing to look at.....Seems like Ben will get hurt from this train wreck, and hopefully he will learn next time he dates....personally i think they deserve each is dumber than the other....they are both homily....and oh ya!!!!!! what's up with this chic Courtney's walk.....She bounces all over the place, and looks retarded....ugh....i cannot stomach her....................


WELL..... I HOPE that he picks "I have the ROSE" Courtney. They both deserve each other. He needs a haircut and a shave. GROSS.... There is NOTHING attractive about either one. I feel bad for Nicki but, all of the other girls must know NOW that they ARE the REAL WINNERS of the Bachelor!!!!! :) They ALL can do SO MUCH BETTER. IF Courtney is on next week for the Girls Tell All... That is what I want to SEE..... They will CRUSH her.... AND, she DESERVES IT.... You may have the ROSE but, AMERICA HATES YOU!!!!!


Courtney screwed this show up!! She needs to go home tonight!! She's very competitve and thinks shes the boss! ! Well yah kno what nicki you need to marry him there perfect together.. or linzi she's perfect for him too!! Courntey needs to go find someone else maybe next season she could be the bachelorette it would be interesting for everyone to watch her screw up again..or actually marry someone perfect.


Courtney is cocky and abrasive, but a lot of what she said was right on the money - the other girls were not really trying and she was all out there going for it. Come on...really? She and none of them for that matter are there to make friends with the other women. She is there competing for a guys attention and affection, and has to date a man who is simultaneously dating 25 women. Think about it. Was she really that bad? Okay....admittedly she did say "winning" way too much which gave her the appearance of being someone out to just win the show rather than find love, but still - she's competing for a man who is dating 25 women at once. Could any of us do that? I know I couldn't' and not be catty.


I hope they don't wuss out too. If I were one of them and I knew about the skinny dipping B&C did I'd have walked. GOd, don't even suggest Courtney as being the next anything. Her stupid baby voice, lip fillers, stupidity and man shoulders have prevented me from watching it. I do love to watch how much people dislike her, though. Kinda gives me faith in humanity, like how people signed the don't watch the Kardashians petition. Bachelors and bachelorettes can't be too boring but being within the realm of normal would be a good thing.


I don't think it's that Courtney screwed up, as Sandy put it, as much as the fact that she's just a really horrible person. She will absolutely not care what the other women have to say about her, because she'll find a way to spin their comments in her favor...especially where pin-head Ben is concerned.


I bet Courtney will get married before Ashley


According to an article,several at that,they've already broken up! Ben and Courtney have their own Facebook profiles put in the public eye.


Right on bdonahueweedman. Love your comments and descriptions..especially 'ape-boy and the tramp'. I agree that Courtney will try to turn it all around that she was just misunderstood, or that is her sense of humor, etc. Oh she'll cry right on cue. I just hope the other girls really speak their minds and don't clam up and forgive her. As for Ben, he went from cute and nice on Ashley's season to swarmy and stupid on this one.

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