Claire Sinclair to Marston Hefner: Come Clean, Get Help!

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Claire Sinclaire says she'll give Marston Hefner, Hugh's son and her boyfriend, a chance to come clean about their recent fight before she presses charges.

The 2011 Playmate of the Year does NOT want to see Marston Hefner, who allegedly assaulted her Sunday night, go through any legal turmoil.

Sinclair, who was seen arriving at the Pasadena, Calif., P.D., to obtain an emergency protective order earlier Monday, does have a few stipulations.

Claire Sinclair Abuse Photo
Hugh Hefner, Claire Sinclair

"All I want," she told E! News, "is for Marston to give me a public apology and I want him to get psychiatric help. I want him to admit that he hit me more than once."

"If he can do all of that and get help, I will never press charges. That's all that I want at this point. Playboy let me know this afternoon that he will be doing this."

"I just hope they stick to their word."

Meanwhile, an emergency protective order typically is good for three to five days, giving the petitioner time to file a request for a temporary restraining order.

Marston is the older of two sons his famous dad had with ex-wife (and '89 Playmate of the Year) Kimberley Conrad. He was released from custody this morning.

The younger Hefner was booked on one count of battery on a spouse (which can include a domestic partner) and posting $20,000 bail.



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What's your point? Somebodies dad is a felon so it's ok to beat her up?


The key introduction to Playboy being artist Olivia is to conceal facts. Artist Olivia was herself was introduced to Ms. Sinclair aka Ms. Riccio by Ms. Riccio's (aka Claire Sinclair's) multiple time convicted felon father, Thomas J. Riccio. Thomas J. Riccio, plays key business associate to Ms. Sinclair ongoing and is a multiple time convicted felon and con artist. Mr Riccio and his business associates also have other convictions and or judgments. At about the time artist Olivia introduced Ms. Riccio (aka Sinclair) to Playboy, Hugh Hefner's daughter resigned / left Playboy as its key leader. Sinclair - Riccio's infamous father who is involved in collusive unlawful art / memorabilia affairs with a unconvicted and convicted OJ Simpson as well as other acts not reported within this bio.

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