Cissy Houston to Revisit Scene of Daughter's Death

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Cissy Houston "won't be at peace until she gets closure" in the death of her daughter, a source tells TMZ.

As a result, this same insider says, Whitney's mother is planning to actually revisit the scene of her daughter's passing: room 434 at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.

Whitney Houston Funeral Scene

Mrs. Houston will reportedly spend time along in the room, praying, thinking and trying to establish a spiritual connection with the child that left this world far too soon.

This has been an especially trying time for Cissy and Whitney's family, not simply due to the singer's tragic death, but also due to The National Enquirer actually publishing a photo of the star in her casket.

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Till today ,presntly as I'm writing I'm still don't know how to get the bad news off my mind.Accepted whithney is dead but her memories can never leave.I love whitney to d extent dat if possible ill use my very sick grandmother to resurrect her.BUT I KNOW FOR SURE WHITNEY'S NAME AND VOICE WILL STILL BE HEARD BY THE UNBORN GENERATION.


sounds like you on crack Big Bubba.......u a clown smh


Rest in Peace Whitney the father has prepared a special place for you I sure that your voice is much more beautiful in heaven with your angels We loved you and your music. And her mom should be given the freedom to choose closure in whatever way she sees fit and is comfortable it is her privilege. Mom take care and be strong for Whitney.Bless. from Trinidad W.I.


@HeisenbergFebruary 27th, 2012 3:48 PM What is she going to do? Climb in the tub with her?
What an aweful comment, it should have been saved into that head of yours! Even if she wanted to sit in the tub, this is understandable, no matter what she plan on doing in the room, it will be some kind of closure. Be careful of your words, they may come back to bite you in the buttocks! May Almighty God give us wisdom and knowledge to deal with all things; good or bad, in Jesus name Amen!


I'm sadden to see some of the comments here. Everyone grieves in their own way. I have seen many mothers find the choice to return to the place of their childs death unimaginable. There are other mothers who insist upon it. It doesn't matter what one's wealth is when they experience a sudden loss. The big empty hole in their heart is felt. Cissy needs this for personal closure. Our mind sometimes needs the visual, like putting a puzzle together. RIP Whitney Houston.


Short of a seance in the hotel bathroom I don't see the point of such a move. Clarity and closure can be obtain in many other productive ways such as grief therapy.


Pray she finds peace!


Now that The Enquirer has shown a picture of Ms. Houston to the world after her death, maybe they will Now show "Respect for her death" and leave her alone. I can easily believe that Mrs. Houston and the family will Need clarity and closure. In the past few days I have seen Numerous commemorative magazines of tribute to Whitney. When it comes to memories about Whitney Houston these magazines are a welcomed keepsake. PEACE!!


What is she going to do? Climb in the tub with her?


People are so inconsiderate. This is this womans child. I dnt care what she did in her life with the money that she rightfully earned, her mother and her family is still hurting and will be 4 a long time. Only GOD can judge her.