Chris Brown Pickup Line: I Promise I Won't Beat You!

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We're not kidding. This report may be false, but according to Us Weekly, Chris Brown used that vile line on a girl he was attempting to pick up recently.

The alleged quote: ""Can I get your number? I promise I won't beat you!"

Brown's rep said: "I'd be surprised if Chris said something that stupid."

We would have to agree. If he did say that, it would defy comprehension ... even more than things Chris normally does like tell haters to f--k off on Twitter.

Chris Brown Planking

Brown, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to felony assault for hitting then-girlfriend Rihanna, reportedly used the line on an attractive brunette on February 10.

The setting was the Lasio Professional Hair Care suite Grammy gift lounge.

After he supposedly said it, a witness says, "He and his friends laughed about it, then one yelled, 'That's his new line!' Ugh! I wanted to throw up!"

It's unclear if the brunette accepted Chris' request.

We honestly don't believe this. Chris has big-time rage issues, and could do a lot better at taking responsibility, showing remorse and simply shutting up.

He seems to fly off the handle only when provoked, however, and such a brazen remark seems a tad uncharacteristic, even if Chris is far from perfect.

We can see him fuming at "haters," which is what seems to set him off every now and then, but not joking about beating girls to their faces.

Come on, Us. Chris has work to do, but spreading rumors like this is just as bad as his recent tirade. Legitimate criticism is one thing; slander another.

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i want them back together an tht is all said and done


I'm not a Chris Brown fan but seriosly stop the f-ck already...tis is gettin old


i guess charlie sheen would be like i promise i wont fuck porn stars ...come on already chris is working and improving
his life do u guys always have to remind us of what he did in the past cause i know that there a lot worst guys in hollywood...enough already


Now, the media do needs to stop lying lol! Chris Brown never said no mess like that lol...


All lies, why would CB need a pick up line to get a girl number. He's a celebrity, those groupies be all over him if you look at some of the videos when he is out. Don't he have a girlfriend.


well thats the best way to say sorry . i will listern to that song i dont care what ppl say bout it

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