Chris Brown's Mom: PISSED at Him Over Twitter Rant!

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Chris Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins, is reportedly livid about his post-Grammy Twitter rampage in which he told his haters to f--k off ... among other things.

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    Is Yall Dumb Or Just Stupid I Think Stupid @Tania Autotune??? I Don't Think So He Doesn't Use Autotune Stupid If You Listen 2 His Music Maybe You Would Hear He Doesn't Use Autotune Listen 2 T-Pain Thats Autotune Plus' @Whinny He Still Has His Career If He Didn't He Wouldn't Be Famous Also At @Tania Again HE DOES HAS TALENT HE CAN DANCE,SING,RAP,ACT,PLAY BASKETBALL,HE CAN FLIP. Can You Do Anyone Of Those Things? Ummm....NOPE So Can Yall Please Get Out His Business He's A Person 2 I Get He Beat Rihanna & He Can Never Take That Back But He HAS A LIFE 2 STUPID BLOGGERS


    he is just a puff


    I feel you yall need to leave my man alone he made one dam mistake and yall act like yall having made any everbody have so one person cant say they haven god say do not judge if you if you dont wonts to be judge so leave him alone


    Just a quick note to mention how great I think it is that this is icornporated into the website. As Youth Leader at St G's I rarely get to hear Rev CJ's sermons as I'm involved with our youth group. I have really enjoyed taking time out of my Monday to hear the Word. Thanks CJ Scott Currie


    Chris Brown is a no talent woman beater. Autotune sure helps him sing on record and live. He isn't tough at all and literally anyone would be able to beat his ass. He's a little bitch.


    What Chris Brown said to his critic doesn't mean he is a volient person. It shows that he is human. We all get mad and say things. I believe he is truly sorry for what happenned to Rihanna and that is why she can forgive him. I've always heard that forgiveness is part of healing. Why do you feel you can say anything and everything to him, but he better not say anything back to you. Volience is volience. M. Lambert is at her concerts with a poster talking about shotting someone with a shotgun and killing him. That volience. Why is that OK? It you want Chris Brown to shut up than you shut up.


    This jerk has repeatedly demonstrated that he has learned absolutely NOTHING since assaulting his girlfriend three years ago. NOTHING. He is going to kill somebody, sooner rather than later, if he does not get some serious help.


    Wow, you all are some stalker's. Get help asap! Like some of you all would tell chris brown, control your anger. Well, you all control being stalker's, that is like some crazy stuff. Being stalker's are like people that who have been in a mental hospital for a while lol. And believe me, some of you all probably have been committed already...


    #RIP Chris Brown's career.


    That's exactly where he needs to be- holding on to his mama- asshole looks like a black Pee Wee Herman with that stupid ass tie.

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