Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Enjoying "Open Relationship," Source Claims

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"Girl I wanna f*** you right now. Been a long time, I've been missing your body." - the first line of Chris Brown and Rihanna's remix of "Birthday Cake"

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    I love Chris Brown but what's up on these black men that don't ever choose Black women, not half black, not semi-black, not maybe she's black but a sister, hell his mother is black, hell how do you make a race extinct just like this. There are plenty of beautiful black sisters out there. Trust me in 12 months he wont be with either of them.It will be some other chick.


    Chris Browns mother needs to be smacked...she is always defending this young arrogant asswhole. When clearly she is the reason he is like this!!! His father wasn't even in the picture and she babied him and defending him until she raised a fucking monster. She Chris and his absenty father is to blame for all this!


    Bippa, I disagree with you just because K is mixed doesn't make her way prettier. She doesn't have Rhiannas sex appeal or body. Rhianna isn't ugly either she just has a big ass forehead. These folks are gross, I'm having a hard time understanding why they even have girlfriends or wives. It's going to end in divorce anyway or they break up. They should just call it casual fucking and all have open relationships. None of these people value their bodies have morals or care if they catch an STD or not. I know a groupie that had sex with Brown, she said it was the best sex she'd ever had in life. This is the reason these girls can't stay away from him.


    All of you who hating cast the first stone you who are without sin.....doh be hating on Chris and Rihanna. They are adults they can make their own decisions and they have worry about what anyone thinks. They are rich and free to live their lives and do what they want. In the end every decision has a consequence so when that time comes they will cross that bridge. I'm glad to Rihanna forgave Chris. She really loves him and hope things work out with them. Everyone makes mistake..what about the other celebrities that have messed up but still continues to be successful. What about all those other celebrities who have been arrested for gun possession, drugs, alcohol...what about them. Nobody talks about what they did 3 yes ago but all we do spend our time judging and making comments about others lives when these celebrities don't even know who we are. Ps. Chris is not cheating they in an open relationship. Everyone needs to mind their business


    Sigh. Hypocrites all of us.


    Rihanna and Chris Brown, I think both of you look good together. Chris learn to be loyal mate.


    Rihanna gonna do whatever she wanna do,so let her be.But I love how everyone is like Chris and Rihanna aint gonna get back together bc he gotta gf,bullshit!! bc thats how they broke up in the first place,he cheated and beat her ass,smh.Ijust hope Rihanna learned from that incident the first time like I understand forgiveness but please just dont forget.And I think his gf is enjoying the publicity bc sum1 is actually gaf #JUSTSAYING


    rihanna can u jus do one lyk seriously!!! leave chris nd karrueche aloneeee!!! jus cos u nd ur 3 men cudnt las long dusnt mean u can go bk to chris nd ruin his relationshipnwiv karrueche?!! shes wayyyyyyyy mre prettier dan even wivout make up nd she dnt act lyk a slag!!! jus cos ur jealous of her dnt mean u can jus cum in nd tke chris weneva u lyk?!!! ur such a hmewrecker!!!! find a new guy nt chris cos obvi u nd chris arent meant to be lyk cum on?


    Rihanna I like her and chris brown but be careful rihanna chris brown need some help for his mental anger and you rihanna is not thinking clearly donot be the next whitney houston and bobby brown you both are too young beauitful people remember when people breakup its for a good reason.


    Well! I was so surprised at the two hooking up to sing but I think they've been sending messages to each other in their songs, sometimes a man don't know wat he got till its over ummm mayb he still loves rihanna karrueche is not bothered cus she's young and beautiful she can get better so y worry and b stupidly jealous over a man I don't blame her 4 being calm plus that was rihannas Problem in the first place

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