Rihanna and Chris Brown: The "Birthday Cake" & "Turn Up the Music" Remixes!

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Looks like the rumors were true ... well, at least one of them was.

The alleged collaboration of Rihanna and Chris Brown on a remixed version of her single "Birthday Cake" is very much the real deal, as the former couple tweeted it out on Monday evening ... which was Rihanna's 24th birthday, fittingly.

Take a listen to their tag-team effort below:

"@rihanna goo.gl/ttRJR YIKES!!! Cake, cake, cake!" Brown tweeted with a link to Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" remix, which features his new, suggestive lyrics.

Shortly after Rihanna responded with, "#RihannaNavy Come and put ya name on it!!!!! RT @chrisbrown: @rihanna goo.gl/ttRJR YIKES!!! Cake, cake, cake!"

So ... there's that. She then linked to a second collaboration between the two, a remixed version of his "Turn Up the Music." Take a listen to that after the jump:

Rih wrote to her ex (and fans): "@chrisbrown Turn up the music remix #RihannaNavy #Teambreezy enjoy!!! vimeo.com/mechanicaldummy."

While the pair seem pleased with the work, the question is whether fans are willing to overlook Brown's 2009 assault against the star and behavior since then.

Some people (Miranda Lambert, CM Punk) seem not inclined to do, while others (Sherri Shepherd) have shown willingness to move on. What about you?

Are you excited they're back together - at least musically? Discuss!

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this is a sexy song yall


this song is so sexy to me.some dads need to know its your b-day! :_)


I swer you ppl are very sickening its their lives let them live it I hope they get back togsther to REALLY give yall something to talk about!!! I love this song!!!


U guys are very good 2gether, don't listen 2 what people may say. Do ur thing.


yes now haters can go 2 hell.chris and Rihana enjoy ur lives.now that u r back 2gether.


WOW!!! WHAT THAAA!!!!!???? THAT HAS GOT TO BE WORST THAN JO FROM TEEN MOM LOL!!! What is goin on with her nowadayz!! SAD!!!!


i think they are the birthday cake and it got dropped on their floor and smashed their brains..stupid song for stupid people!


Nicky: If you consider Rihanna a role model to other young girls, than you definitely need to have your head re-wired too. Have you seen the videos? Truth be told, Rihanna probably needs a role model herself.


Riri n Breezy,am hapi dat u guys r bk.4gt wat d public says abt u n live ur lives. Luv y'al


this bothers me bcuz rihanna is a public figure. i role model in the eyes of many. and her showing her support for him and publicly declaring her forgiveness can lead to others following her example. which can lead to abusive boyfriends getting their chance to continue their ways at the expense of the victim.
We cant control what she does. but i am sure, the someone has 4given bcuz rihanna 4gave and that person will get beaten again. Rihanna as a role model could have 4give chris, told him that privately. then never public embrace him so that others dont follow her example and get hurt.