Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown: Still Together, So Happy!

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Rumors have been flying that Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together, however, dude is still dating Karrueche Tran, and it's apparently going well.

Sources close to Karrueche say that she is not perturbed by the rumors about Rihanna, because she is currently dating - and living with (!) Chris Brown.

Guess she would know better than a bunch of tabloids ...

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Furthermore, after Brown made his not-so-secret appearance at Rihanna's birthday party, he whisked Karrueche off to Miami for a romantic Valentine's Day. Aww.

So all is well in paradise? Looks like it. Probably. Maybe.

A source tells Us Weekly that Karrueche knows that Chris Brown and Rihanna have hooked up (she thinks it happens at the studio), but is sanguine about it all.

She isn't going to throw away her meal ticket break up with her boyfriend over a few minor indiscretions, after all ... you gotta look at the big picture here.

So Us claims, anyway.

Karrueche Tran is an aspiring model, if anyone wondered/cared. One who does not care about his past, obviously. Miranda Lambert would not approve.


Karrueche nd Chris Brown Need To Stay Together Isnt It Obvious Chris Nd Kae MAke a cute couple chris yur music is awesome please dont make a dumb decision


Y r ppl trying to break them 2 up he is happy that is all that matters if u r a true chris brown fan u would be happy that he is happy Stop hatin on kae


This is stupid he is not going bck to rihanna


Fucking Hell isn't it obvious that chris brown is dating Karrueche Tran and he loves her and that is that.! Seriously! he did love rihanna but now they are just fucking friends! And for all the hateful comments about Karrueche you people are just jealous sluts..! Get a fucking Life


jaman kiukwel cris na karrueche hata hawaendani< the gay hez stil in lav with rihana an nat tran.cris don listen aza pple wat they say do ua own tings men,y cant u fight for ua hapines

@ priner

Shut up wewe chizy!! What do u mean 2 say!kuwa Chris na Rihanna ndio wanaomatch?? So stupid. Rihanna is totally ugly and Chris looks more "BEAUTIFUL" than ugly plastic surgery rihanna.๐Ÿ‘Ž. Karrueche is very very beautiful and Chris too,when Rihanna stands with them in the pictures she always looks like an old ape. And I think the one who commented this really need 2c the doctor for brain checkups! Chris matches with Karrueche 100% but with Rihanna 0.1%and that's coz they are all celebrities and they do the same job,so shut up and get a life nigga!! Kae and breezy are a perfect match 4ur inner in4mation๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ !!


First of all if yhu think about it if chris brown wanted rihanna back they wld have been together rite now
Second of all karrueche tran is PRETTY and so is RIHANNA
Finally they grown and can do as they plz


Chris Brown must go back to his love of his life Rihanna, They r meant to be together, Chris may worried or scared to be hurt again but Iquess him and both learnt a lesson from the past and hopefully they will handle things in a different gentle and mature way. Karrueche is not a woman for Chris. She is forcing herself into him and he just with her becouse she wont let him go and she is trying to be nice to him by all meant so he wont leave her but Chris is inlove with Rihanna and not her....People do make mistakes...


Shut up Melisssa. You are an ignorant racist b*tch!


uhh!!! please just like rihanna cant get any man she wants she is way prettier than this asian looking thing or whatever she is and by the way she has rihanna leftovers hahahah ugly slut!!! rihanna doesnt need chris anyway shes way to beautiful & independant! she can any guy she wants..


@reeree He DOES LOVE KARRUECHE!!!!!!!!! Like,stop hatin! he loves her nd she loves him. things r the way they r 4 a reason. chris nd rihanna r nothing more than friendz! Chris nd Karrueche make a good couple!!!! So SHUT UP!!!!

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