Chris Brown Accused of Cell Phone Theft; Police Investigating Singer

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A warrant for Chris Brown's arrest is being prepared by the Florida State's Attorney's office Thursday after he allegedly stole a woman's phone. Seriously.

The supposed victim recently filed a police report against him, according to Deborah Doty, the public information officer for the Miami Police Department.

"An incident report was filed against Mr. Brown, and the Florida State Attorney's Office will be issuing a warrant for his arrest this afternoon," she said.

"I can't tell you what time, but it will be today."

Chris Brown Goofs Off

Chris Brown, whose remixes and relationship with Rihanna are making all kinds of news, is accused of snatching Christal Spann's cell phone outside a club.

As he sat in a Bentley after exiting a nightclub, the police report states that Spann snapped a picture of Chris Brown chilling in the back of the car.

That is when Brown allegedly snatched the phone, which he did not give back (obviously) and told Spann, "B!tch, you ain't giving this to no website."

Eloquent, Chris Brown. Eloquent. The star, who is currently on probation, has not commented, nor has his attorney, Mark Geragos. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Brown is being investigated for "Robbery by sudden snatching."

The woman who claims Brown robbed her was captured on video obtained by TMZ, clearly agitated as she tells cops, "He snatched my phone."

Christal Spann and her two friends seem spontaneous and upset as she exclaims several times to the authorities, "I just want my phone back."

The Miami Beach P.D. and the State Attorney's Office is aware of the video and will evaluate it in deciding whether to charge Brown with a crime.

UPDATE #2: The incident is still under investigation by the Miami Beach police, as of Friday, February 24, 5 p.m. EST. However, there is no warrant.

However, the Miami-Dade County state attorney's office said Friday that reports of an arrest warrant issued for Brown were inaccurate at this time.



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