Ben Flajnik on Kacie Boguskie Ouster: Tough Call!

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Ben Flajnik sent fan favorite Kacie Boguskie packing on Monday's hometown dates episode of The Bachelor, the third-to-last installment of the ABC show's season.

In a surprise, Courtney Robertson, Nicki Sterling and Lindzi Cox all moved on (see The Bachelor spoilers for scoop on the next two weeks) while Kacie was left in tears.

In his weekly blog on People, Ben reflects on his travels to Clarksville, Tenn., Kacie's hometown, and the turning point when the romance began to go downhill fast.

"The day portion of our date went swimmingly as usual, but as Kacie started to talk about her dad, I got nervous," Ben writes. "I started to think he wouldn't approve of me being so different than a man he would normally want his daughter to date."

"The evening was difficult for me. Kacie's family was really nice and welcoming, but every time I had a conversation with one of her family members, I felt like I was disappointing them. Kacie was raised with more traditional values than I was."

"I felt like that would get between us in regards to her family. I thought about it so much that it started getting in the way of my feelings growing stronger for her."

"It was disheartening. Parents' approval and permission is really important to me and I didn't feel like I got that from her family, though they were kind and warm."

"This was the most difficult rose ceremony to date. It is so cliché to say, but they get harder as time goes on. My decision to send Kacie home wasn't an easy one."

"I still had feelings for her, but I did make a promise to her father that if I didn't see it going much further, I would end it sooner than later to not hurt her as much."

"The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Kacie, but ultimately it was the right decision, as hard as it was. Man, this has been a roller coaster."

How will it end? Put another way, will he get off the wild ride before he makes the mistake he seems determined to make? All we can do is stay tuned.


Ben was playing the game too - Ben and Courtney played it well. Kacie should be happy he had the decency to let her go. He probably freaked when he found her parents actually talked about reality. Though the gossip about cheating already going on - His nice guy; I don't know "what I am getting? attitude" is a great drama builder.


Go Courtney all the way..Kacie B is so bloody immature not to mention self righteous and judgemental. Nothing worse than a bitch scorned! Go get a life and botox for your forehead, psycho!


I wish everybody would get off of Courtney's back. Kacie was a dud.She was just too needy and cry-baby. Let me guess, she's just soooo concerned about Ben choosing Courtney over her...Well Courtney has the guts and the personality to get her man. ?Go Courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kacie was way to good for Ben, he deserves someone like Courtney she a very shallow person. Kacie is a beautiful girl with a great personality, she deserves the best.
I do agree with Pam's comment that Ben is looking less polished as the show goes on. He needs a new hair style.
Kacie good luck to you, and you did nothing wrong so don't blame yourself.


Kacie is way too good for Ben!!!


Is it just my imagination or does Ben look like more of a loser as time goes on? Usually the bachelor or bachelorette start to look more polished and attractive as the show progresses... not so with Ben. He looks more disheveled as time goes by. If he were not the Bachelor this season, I doubt that any of these women would give him a second glance.
Looking back at Ashely Herbert's turning him down... and he said "Wow, I never saw that coming.." well.. maybe he should have. I all sort of adds up to an inability to really read people in my opinion. He is not the first person to choose someone is not really into him in choosing Courtney.


After watching the show last Monday, I am about to not watch the show anymore, and I have been watching for seven years. I dont know why Ben would hurt Kacie like that, especially since you got the impression that he really could see himself with her and how much he cared for her. She seemed that she loved him more than anyother girl there. Just because her parents didnt give him exactly what he wanted to hear I dont think much of Ben anymore, she would have been a true mate for him, and he blew it! He could have worked thru issues with her family and man up. Kacie will find someone who deserves to be her husband and be very happy.


First, if Ben really dumped Kacie because he was insecure regading her parents approval, it just shows ONCE again was a loser this guy is! I think he just knew she wasn't the one and is now using her parents as an excuse...again, he's such a loser. And I'm sorry, but Kacie was such a little bitch when Ben dumped her. Good ridence and grow up!


This show is a dont find true love on tv.all your business told on tv really thats love..thats not can you be with a man that is kissing an watever with 3 other women.. an lieing..thats not love..he jus tells you what you wana here..


After reading the results of last night's rose ceremony, I am really glad I wasn't able to watch the show. Each season gets more and more disappointing. The Bachelors don't have a brain in their heads!

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