Angelina Jolie at the Oscars: Too Skinny?

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Jim Rash posing like Angelina Jolie was a highlight of Oscar night. But it was far from the only Jolie-related subject to be buzzed-about Sunday and today.

The star's weight has become a hot topic after she exercised her right to bare arms while presenting an award at the year's top Hollywood extravaganza.

Rash may have been expressing affection for Jolie with his mock pose, but many fans have been less kind. Watch the clip of the actress and tell us below ...

Is Angelina Jolie too thin??


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She has a pretty face, but she needs to ain
25 pounds at least. I can imagine what she
looks like naked, probably like a skeleton. I think trouble is a-brewin'.


I was just watching CBS and they she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and I was like OMG, she is boney as heck. Nasty enough to say stay away from me. If there is no meat on bones, then she is not for me.


Is everyone forgetting that she suffers from depression? This isn't the first time angelina has been criticised for being too skinny. I'll admit that it's not a good look, but to make fun of her on television and then again and again in countless tabloids is just inhumane. Why don't we just shut up and realise that celebrities are capable of getting help without 'our' input?


Why is it 'eat a cheeseburger'? She is not a vegetarian, so don't blame her weight loss on veggies. Eating a cheeseburger will threaten her health even further. It grosses me out that this is the normal thing to say to someone who appears overly thin. The predominant problem in the US is obesity, how would it sound if we told them to put down the cheeseburger? Both problems are equally devastating to a person's wellbeing.


@thobeka mene No, she isn't in her twenties anymore or her teens or tweens. Older women tend to put on weight and become more curvaceous not thinner as they age. Older women who are stick thin like this are usually much, much older and its a result of malnutrition and illness. Or, if they're mid-thirties and older its because they are very restrictive with their diets.


No grown woman is naturally this thin, that's crap. She looks like a death camp survivor or an extremely thin 12-year-old with those bony legs. I will never understand the appeal of a woman with a body like this. It's gross and sad, and Angelina has such a pretty face. I can only imagine how thin she looks in person.


What people are forgetting by saying she is just naturally that thin, is the fact that she didn't use to be that thin. However, she is famous and who cares. It's her life, she's an adult. Sure, she might be setting a bad example to women by looking unhealthily thin, but that's nothing new.


She must think she has to be skinny to be in holly wood she gave birtht o twins was it 2 or 3 years ago and being pregnect with twins in gussing would make u put more weight on and once u get to ur 30s its really hard to lose the weight so if she lost the weight on her fair play but if she got surgery than i have nothing to say the only bad thing is young girls look up to her and would be like oh angelina is skinnys so i have to and angelina look on the bright side u get to eat what u want any body would be happy with that deal


LOL!!! love Pascale's comment!


I thought it was me! I love Angelina Jolie, her arms are as small as my eleven yr old granddaughter...not attractive at all. Maybe she is preparing for a movie.

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