Daphne Dortch on The Biggest Loser Elimination: So Glad That's Over!

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Daphne Dortch shook up The Biggest Loser last week and paid the ultimate price for it. But she has no regrets, in fact, she says she's glad to be outta there.

When presented with the opportunity to alter the composition of the red and black teams, Dortch ate over 1,800 calories to guarantee she'd have control.

"I ate the [peanut butter cups] because I wanted to stay with [my trainer Bob]," Dortch told reporters after her elimination. Then the ish hit the fan though.


After gaining the power, Dortch chose to switch her teammate Jeremy for his sister Conda, whom she blamed for evicting her brother Adrian two weeks ago.

"It was very personal," she said of that decision. "I switched them out of revenge but I had no idea the house was going to be devastated by the switch."

Dortch and her brother joined the teams on the Ranch a month into the season after losing a combined 50 lbs. at home, but were not greeted with open arms.

"We never had a chance," she said of returning to the Ranch. "They had already bonded for a month before we even got there. I think it came down to that."

Her brother Adrian was rejected by his teammates, but Dortch says her black team "may have appeared to have accepted me but I don't think they ever did."

"They were just very quiet about it."

"A part of me was extremely relieved to be sent home," she continued. "It doesn't feel good to be in a house of people where no one likes you and talks to you."

Now back at home in Evanston, Ill., Dortch, a mother of three, is making major changes in her life as well. Given all she's gone through, her story resonates.

"I am 37-years-old and I was living at home with my parents – not because I didn't have the money but because I was living in fear. I thought every day I was going to die," said Dortch, who suffers from atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea.

But Dortch has now moved with her children into a house of her own.

"I've already won The Biggest Loser because I don't need to have someone here in order for me to go to sleep," she said, having lost over 70 lbs. now.

"I [feel] like Dorothy. I feel like it was in me all along. I just had to do it."