Jim Rash on Angelina Jolie Oscar Pose: A Loving Tribute!

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It was easily the funniest moment of a dreadfully boring, uninspired Oscars broadcast:

Immediately upon taking the stage to accept the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, along with his two co-writers, Jim Rash struck a pose very similar to the one of presented Angelina Jolie: hand on hip, right leg extended, chest puffed out.

But the Community star insists he wasn't actually mocking the A-lister, just showing his affection for her.

Rash vs. Jolie

"I just saw her pose and I thought, you know what, we have exactly the same legs," Rash said to reporters backstage. "It was a loving tribute... It was more like, oh, she's standing, great. I'm going to stand like that, too."

Whatever. It was hilarious. And, most importantly, it gives us a chance to remind viewers:

Community returns on March 15 with new episodes. It now features an Oscar winner! Tune in.


LOL! @Kelly! Hahahahaha!!


Only one magazine said she was pregnant of about 5 (People, Us, OK, etc)


i just caught the end of that, too skinny.. im thin, but that;s too thin.... isn't she pregnant?


She had to prop her leg out like that, otherwise she would fall down. A gust of wind could blow her off her stand.


I was embarrassed for her. Why strike a pose like that? It looked rediculous and very uncomortable. Poor Brad. She does pose alot and always waits for the camera to be on her before she does her little attention seeking stunt. To be honest she isn't very sincere looking or acting? I thought he was a riot. At first though, I thought he was mocking her.


I thought Jim's pose was a riot!! Don't think Angelina should have shown her leg. She looked so gorgeous in that jet black dress when she walked out. Then that very pale too skinny leg flash?? Really took away from her entire look! I didn't hear and Whoo Hooo's from the audience I think she expected. They may have all been embarrassed for her. Same with J Lo and Cameron's Butt pose, no reactions! Bad idea too!

Carol worth

So true, L Scott! Angelina is still a beautiful woman but her thinness makes her look older than she is and gaunt. I felt her "display" must have embarrassed Brad, unless he had "dared her" to do it! ~0;-)


Brad must be so embarrassed about Angelines behavior. She really need attention. Who does that!!!!!!!!! Plus her leg was skin and bones. Poor Brad,,,,,


It was hilarious - the moment she came out and then stuck her leg out and landed her shoe in that awkward stance I was thinking, what's wrong with her? Then what he did was awesome, it helped the mostly boring evening. She was a good sport and maybe in watching the red carpet and the film clips of the show she can see how odd that way of standing came - off. Ok the dress had a slit but it doesn't mean you have to put your leg out of it! Maybe she did it to make her kids laugh, that's something us moms do at times...be goofy to get them to giggle. If that's the case she's goes up a notch in my mind - but if she was doing it to show off her leg...all I can say is you need to eat some buttered cornbread girlfriend!

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