Why Did Brad Pitt Find Angelina Jolie Crying in the Shower?

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During a live video web chat with Marie Claire, Angelina Jolie revealed that she had a "complete meltdown" recently and that Brad Pitt found her crying in the shower.

When we heard that, several theories came to mind:

Turns out it was something much simpler: Nerves.

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Before production began on her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, she felt the task was too daunting: "I thought, 'Who am I to take this on?'"

"I had a complete emotional breakdown in the shower and Brad [Pitt] found me crying," Jolie revealed. "I felt this huge responsibility and I felt very small."

"I didn't plan to become a director, and I still have trouble saying I'm a director. I just wanted to tell this story and I ended up by default being the director."

"It was a pleasure, to say the least, but I wonder if it would be a pleasure with another cast and crew, and a subject matter that wasn't so special."

Jolie's film is nominated for a Golden Globe.

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I've been there, crying in the shower from the stress of being a manager of my own company with a LOT in stake....BUT, I didn't have a nanny helping me as a single parent, nor did I have a handsome rich husband to back me up. Sure, Angie's allowed to cry....but WHY is it news? REal news is the single mother of two children who is able to pay for groceries every week....Now that is NEWS!


who is buing the $@^% she says???really people......come on


Celebrity Life is so tough for the Rich. Where they find the Strength and the Courage and the Gaul to talk about such meaningless shit amazes me. There she sits soaking wet while other Mothers are working 2 jobs trying to feed their kids on a fixed income and hopefully they will have enough money left over from buying Groceries to reach over and grab that People Magazine so the can go home and find the Real Reason as to why Angie is so Stressed! Life is so unfair & it's hurting people!


Crying ...in the shower? maybe, the shower was too hot or too cold.


I believe that Angelina will win multiple awards for her directorial