Angelina Jolie Pregnant, May Leave Brad Pitt For Knocking Up Jennifer Aniston, Tabloids Claim

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Wow. The tabloids are starting off 2012 with a bang.

Taking the art of fabricating scandals about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to new heights, Star claims Ange temporarily left Brad after finding out that he made a baby with Jen ... which she miscarried ... in 2004 ... while married to Brad.

Seriously, they printed this. A "reliable source" said:

Brad Pitt Pregnancy Shocker!

"She assumed all along she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated. Now Angie is questioning everything, including whether she can ever trust Brad again."

That has her thinking of leaving him for good, supposedly. Maybe.

"Brad doesn’t tell Angie everything, especially when it comes to Jen," adds the source. "The mention of Jen makes Angie completely irrational." (That part we buy.)

"But he never imagined this would infuriate Angie to the extent that it has. Now it could spell the end of them forever." Brutal, there's no other way to describe it.

It gets better, incredibly. The National Enquirer says, simultaneously, that in related news ... Angelina Jolie is pregnant right now! In a startling development ...

Sources say the thrilled Oscar winner is three months along and can’t hide her telltale belly bump ... which is not visible in any of her recent interviews. Details.

“Brad and Angie are ecstatic,” an insider said of Brangelina baby #7, allegedly due later this year. “They’ve been trying to conceive for most of the year."

"It was always their goal to have another biological baby."

"They want to adopt at least one more down the line. But at 36, Angie’s biological clock has been ticking like mad. With all of Angie’s medical woes lately, she and Brad consider it a blessing and a miracle that she was able to conceive.”

"Skeletal" Angie had a very rough first trimester and strug­gled to keep weight on. However, "she’s put on weight over the holidays, stuffing herself with meat and fruit."

Phew. Sometimes a girl needs to stuff herself with meat. Says the source:

"She’s com­pletely committed to staying healthy for the sake of her family.”

You cannot make this stuff up, people. Oh, wait ...


Jen and Brad are human beings just like the rest of us. Jen is doing awsome in her career and is in love with Justin, she has moved on. Brad loves Angie, however I would not be surprised if I heard they were breaking up. I haved never seen a relationship last when it starts the way Brad and Angies did. I have connections and I hear Angie has had affairs with other woman. I hope she thinks twice before she engages in these affairs. Angie think of your kids.


this is just like justin bieber and selena gomez one dum chick thretens to kill selena then stell justin away from her well if the chick goes bye them they gettin it and now brad and jen and jolie its his life cheetin or not its dumb reading things and have people say the stupedest things if your a fan of someone then dont say things hes his own man like god people dont believe in him but i love him so they talk bad about him what is this world comming to like la-get


oh wow people they are growin they have problems they should fixit i think if brad would of never went with both of them he would be fine but let my girl friend tell it(he is amazing he is human he messed up so the f*** what the chicks need to get off is back there one of him and lots of them so keep haten -bevvie) but in my eyes hes a great guy is he didnt look so hot (as bev would say) maby girls wouldnt be so crazy about him


the orginial story goes jen didnt want to have baby and brad did anyway brad fell for angie eventually they ended up being pregnant and now jen is jealous because she wanted a baby too you know what is really not jens fault its not angie's its not brad's fault. in my opinion its all of their fault. (jen for letting him go easy) (brad for falling for angie) (angie for stringing brad) so who cares whose fault it was that spilt them up in first place. it should be more of who brad is happy with right now obviously with angie. so leave it alone its none of your business not even mine to start with, stop being nosy.... congratulations angie and bradd


I like jen better that angie she is more natural than aangie just by looking at some photos jen and angie has in public u can see a HUGE difference and u can tell their
caracture I FEEL SORRY FOR U JEN(of course its your dream of carring
the baby from the man
You first fell in love with)WISH U BEST


Mind your own affairs nosy persons!


I angelina jolie new baby


I agree Brad is the one who wrecked his own home with Jennifer. I also think it's sickening that Angie has to keep bragging about her and Brad. You know what sweetheart a women got her heart broken so shut those FAT UGLY LIPS of yours. Brad that is not a very gentlemen thing to do, diss your Ex like that out to the public. But Jennifer you should stop making boring movies?


i wish best of luck your future


What? Jennifer, a home-wrecker? That doesn't make sense at all. It's Angelina who has a history of stealing married men from their wives. She even admits to having a fixation for attached men. She's a strange one, that Jolie woman. I guess the heroin really messed her up.

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