Teen Mom 2 Recap: Santa Has Left the Building!

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Last week's joy-filled holiday episode of Teen Mom 2 felt like a distant memory after this week's double installment, which basically doubled the baby mama drama.

We're not even talking about the latest Jenelle Evans arrest, either - this footage is a year old, people! She's moved on to many other police altercations since then!

Not so say life was hunky dory for her - or her co-stars - last night.

It's hard to even know where to begin breaking down Teen Mom 2 drama like we saw Tuesday, but that's what we do. Let's get down to business, THG's +/- style!

Jenelle Evans Cracked Out

Chelsea Houska tries a new hair color. Not a huge fan! Minus 5.

Her friend Megan announced she's pregnant! There's a surprise! Something in that South Dakota water, perhaps. Megan's totally chill about it, too, like this is just what you do - fornicate sans protection so you can be a star on MTV. Minus 30.

While house hunting, Chels does not want to "walk up a bunch of steps." That's terrible, having to walk, we know. Minus 6, even if she did just have knee surgery.

Plus 14 for dad Randy, who agrees to front the rent on the condition that Adam Lind is not allowed on the premises. Randy really does try his best with this mess.

Adam waffles on whether to help his baby mama move. The dual constraints of work and being a douche have apparently made this task too onerous. Minus 8.

He later shows up, mostly to say he refuses to help and act like an even bigger d-bag, if that's possible, leaving Chelsea alone in an empty house. Minus 19.

Kailyn Lowry doesn't have custody of Isaac on his actual birthday, but Jo Rivera ultimately relents and lets Kailyn take their little one for a few hours. Plus 6.

Presents and decorations and relatives abound. And BF Jordan, who seems like he's a nice guy and a good fit for her. Plus 7, hoping against hope perhaps.

Jo's mom Janet confronts Kailyn about THE LETTER, telling her "Family is family; we stick together," in the least familial way possible. Sheesh, lady. Minus 9.

The Cast of Teen Mom 2

Kailyn smashes her car up something awful and sells it for $350. Minus 4, unless there was really no other option, but at least she got a new one pretty fast.

She's strapped for cash, though, and informs Jo she needs some child support up in here. Plus only 2, because her "sorry" was not the most convincing ever.

Jenelle Evans is greeted by the best voicemail ever: "Hey baby, just got bailed out of jail by my cousin! Let's meet up! I miss you." Oh, Kieffer. Minus 10.

How poorly-named is Planet Fun considering what goes on there?! Plus 4.

Sorry Bahbwah, but Jenelle is totes in love with Kief again. "It's not like you beat me," she says. "You just shoved me out of the way." Violently. Minus 89.

Bahbwah's advice for a court date: Don't lie about smoking weed. Don't put your glasses on your head. Don't talk. Plus 20, because that about sums it up.

Court is closed, because that happens in real life, buying them time. Plus 9.

Ohhh boy. Kieffer sees a text conversation Jenelle is having with her ex. She smushed that guy while Kieffer was in jail. The homeless one is pissed! Plus 17.

Kieffer kicks Jenelle to the curb. Which the car was parked near, so that wasn't so bad. Plus, he didn't even throw her to the ground this time. Plus 8.

Leah Messer tries to have a conversation with Corey. Not easy. Minus 7.

Corey Simms, Leah Messer Pic

A physical therapist comes over to assess why Ali isn't mobile like her sis, and there's nothing "structurally" wrong with her. That's the good news. Plus 5.

She still needs splints to stabilize her ankles. Poor thing. Minus 3.

Corey laments that his girl is "gonna have splints and glasses," but it's a nice moment for the family. One much harder to appreciate knowing that a year later, Leah Messer is pregnant and engaged to someone else. Wash.

More Ali worrying. A geneticist fears she may have a disorder called Campomelic Dysplasia which affects skeletal and reproductive development. Gulp.

Did they ever stand a chance in the face of all this? Could any marriage, no matter the age of the parents? No points, it's just a sad situation really.

Fortunately, tests ruled out any serious health problems. Plus 50, for the sake of Ali. That little tyke has had a rough go of it so far in life. A fighter!



I think chelsea is spoiled and it looks like Adam is the problem all the time. He told her sat. was not the best time she kept insisting he do it that day. He is working and she does nothing but wait on other people to take care of her and her child. She needs to woman up and start to take care of her self. Adam is looks like he is tired of enabling her like her parents do. She still has not even finish school with all that help she is receiving from her family. He should speak to her better but she also needs to stand up for herself and take care of herself. Then Adam may respect her she sounds like a whinny child. Just because daddy jumps hoops for her does not mean everyone else should. I can say this because I had a baby and still finished high school and college. Her child should be her motivation to do better not whether her and Adam work.


jennelle, u need to grow up & be a better mother than u already r! Ur son needs u more then ur stupid ass boyfriend does. Family always come first, always: no matter what!


I I think its just damn right stupid I am younger then Jenelle and i know that being a teen mom isn't easy but she gave birth to that baby boy so why the hell is her mom taking of him its just common sense but no she still wants to act a kid and be with boy friends she always be yelling at her mom. Saying its my child so why done she take care of him .


jenelle needs to make up her mind. she's always whining that her mother never lets her take care of jace, but her mom asked her to watch jace while she ran out on an errand and she was too upset and focused on her loser of a boyfriend to help take care of her own son


Chelsea is chasing a dream that she should know by now want happen. Her baby daddy really just needs 2 handle up or move on. I have the perfect thing to make him act right.. . . Hope you take this advice and I promise it will work, so chelsea what you need to do is put him behind you and make him know that you have moved on. Find you another man, it don't have to be anything serious just enough to where the word spreads that you are seeing another and I promise you that little smurf will be on your doorstep begging you back. Kaitlyn is a strong young lady and her story is a reality for most. That young lady right there is gonna make it(she is a go getter), life is hard and even harder with a child and worse when you alone. Her mom should be ashamed and her soul will rott in hell for how she has treated her daughter. I didn't believe the stories kaitlyn 1st said about her mom but her mom actions verified all she has said, but kaitlyn will survive.


I use 2 think that jannelle's mom was an evil witch, slowly jannelle's stupid antics started to make me see y her mom is like she is. Jannelle is childish and honestly just plain stupid. The more sh is told to leave keiffer alone the more she gravitates to him. Is he a bad guy not entirely he has jus made some bad choices and sad that he is homeless. At the same time he needs to get a job and do better for hisself damn jannelle. To be honest he should turn this opportunity into a positive. Jannelle is lloking for love and she feels that she can find it in a guy (NOTT)! At this rate she will never get her child back.


I know this is petty but why do all of these "teen moms" have such horribly tweezed eyebrows? It's like an epidemic among them.


I don't understand why Chelsea keeps going back to Adam. She knows what jerk he is and that he is never really going to stick around, but she keeps going back. I applaud her dad for trying to get through to her.
Jenelle and her mom have serious issues. I don't know if they need to go to counseling or what needs to happen there but neither one of them are doing that little boy any good when they act the way they do.
I like Leah and Corey, but now that I know that they are divorced and Lean is engaged to someone else and having his baby, it makes me sad. I really thought that they were going to be the one couple that sticks together in this group. I think Corey tries to be a good dad and I comend him for it.
I think Kailyn is tring her best to do what she can. She seems to be the most stable out of the whole bunch. I'm glad that she tried to apologize to Jo's family, but I think she should have done it in person!


Janelle has a lot of growing up to do before she even thinks about being a mom. I also hate how her mom acts and what I mean by this is when Janelle wants and has time to be a parent her mother want let her. I think Janelle could be a great mom and better person if she would leave Keiffer alone.
Kailyn is a awesome mom. She tries her best. I actually feel sorry for her. She has to do everything herself and has noone to turn to.
Chelsea needs to leave Adam alone he's no good for her or the baby. He wants to have a family when its convenient for him and he wants to be a father when its convenient for him. Dbag for sure!
Corey and Leah I cry everytime with those two.


Jenelle needs to let that loser go and move on to something better

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