Kristen Wiig to Write, Star in Bridesmaids 2 After All?

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Bridesmaids 2 is looking like a go, and star Kristen Wiig is looking like she may be involved in the sequel after all, despite earlier reports to the contrary.

Co-star Wendi McLendon-Covey says Wiig "never said that she didn't want to do it… All she said was that she's not working on it right this minute."

"Someone gave her the opportunity to write and direct her own film so, duh, she's going to do that first,” McLendon-Covey said, according to Movie Fanatic.

“So no. I think all she's waiting for is for her and Annie [Mumolo] to come up with an idea that's equally as good. It just won't happen in the next six months."

Bridesmaids producer Judd Apatow has also added his two cents and his only hangup is from an artistic standpoint - can the sequel be as good as the first?

“We don't want to do it unless it's great,” Apatow said. “I don't think anyone has the brain space to think about it yet. Hopefully that can begin this year."

McLendon-Covey then offered a few rough ideas.

"There's always divorce parties," McLendon-Covey said. "There's always baby showers. There's all kinds of hideous things like that that women do."