Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Harassment!

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested in North Carolina for making "harassing phone calls" and "communicating threats" to former roommate Hannah Inman.

The 20-year-old was booked into the Brunswick County Jail and later released after posting $1,000 bond. She later tweeted, "I'm free as a biiirrrrddddd :D."

Yay. The arrest could mean serious trouble for Jenelle Evans, who's still on probation for pounding the crap out of Britany Truett in a fight last summer.

Jenelle Evans Mugshot 2012

Her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, said "Jenelle was charged with those charges today after she had taken charges out on James Duffy several days ago."

"I feel these charges against Jenelle are absurd and retaliatory in nature."

Good to know. Just don't compare her to another Teen Mom train wreck. A "fan" tweeted, "Jenelle makes Amber Portwood look like mother of the year."

To which Jenelle intelligently responded back, "what?!!! LMFAO Amber Portwood is in jail for FELONY charges dumbass, oh I guess she's better...s--t."

She's not wrong. And speaking of social media, the reality star was kind enough to give her side of the story, via Facebook, after the got out. Here goes:

"Yes I was arrested again. It's okay, Hannah's just calling her own bluffs. How can I harass u with phone calls when u clearly don't own a cell phone?"

"I've dropped this argument weeks ago. Haven't been paying attention to u but u have the balls to tell yr little "fans".. 'imma f—king kill that bitch' ?!"

"How's threatening who here ?! Lmao she's mad cuz I took out charges first on Duffy for cyber stalking. She claims that she move out becuz I said I would eventually kill her."

"Clearly her old phone has texts that states 'look I'm moving out to yr house Duffy so we can move to new jersey so I can get famous for my singing'."

"Yes u set me up and yes u will go down. CAN'T WAIT FOR COURT!"

"Not to mention I REALLY dot give a f—k about Hannah or Duffy when I've been in and out of the hospital for 3 weeks now with mono/strep and have to get my tonsils out."

"Yeah as I'm about to walk out the door to go to the hospital the cop is at my door and I got down on my knees and poured out tears. I was so upset."

"I had to go to jail THEN go to the hospital. I feel like sh!t, would greatly appreciate it if everyone would drop it. K?! Thxxxx !"

Consider it done, Jenelle.


this is really sad. the girl really needs help. either this girl is strung out on drugs or she is totally bi-polar or both. I speak from experience I had my daughter at 18 (she is 18 now) and had a roller coaster of a life for many years till I was finally diagnosed bi-polar. it has been a tough road. I doubt i would be here today if I never received help for my problems. MTV really needs to get help for her before something worse happens.


Jenelle Needs To Grow Up, She Cares More For Her Boyfriend Then Her Own Son, Stay Out Of Trouble And Actually Do Something With Yourself Her A Job And Take Care Of Your Son Its Mom Like That That Get Me Upset t If u Grown Enough. To Have The Baby Then You Should Be Grown Enough To Take Care Of Them Point Blank -.-


Its just sad...I feel bad she is just lost!


The only reason kids are like this are because the way the parents raised them. Her mom can't have a simple conversation to save her life, she yells at the slightest things, and thats what brings jenelle to act out the way she does. Now shes more messed up then ever but you can't just bounce back, maybe if her mom didn't kick her out in teen mom 2 and was actually a mom/ mother figure then jenelle wouldn't be where she is today.


One word WHITE TRASH HO-maybe u & amber portwood can be cell mates??


she need her act together


And these are role models for our young people. They all need to be taken off the air. This is not fit ti watch


These worthless moms get paid for the dumbass shit and still she cannot support her son or even aknowledge him..worthless *


Theses people on here r killing me talkin bout they young parents and its hard and money is tight i understand that but what the HELL do.that got to do wit jenelle caring for her son nothing so stop wit that and u say give her a chance her baby is two and what do u tell him "well son i loved weed and my boyfriend more then you thats why u 18 now and im just coming n your life" yall people need to get real wit all the bullshit....i pissed so let me finish this up cause im a 23 year old parent of two and i have never and will never treat mines like that....


how did the dude die? She is certainly a messed up chick, but her son should be her only priority since the father is no longer of this world....her Mom is just sick of her acting like the boy is of no consequence....grow up....

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